Law & Order Features Type 1

Here we go again. The current show in question: Law and Order: SVU. We have another story line that features a type 1 diabetic kid -- with a pump -- on a TV show. This time, the child in question not only has type 1 dm but also has developmental delays and attachment disorders. The kid, "Nicky", is missing from his mother's home, and because he is extraordinarily friendly, the parents are afraid he could have been taken by anyone.

So far, so good. BUT, the show tries to claim that they can track the kid through the pump, since the pump sends data to the parents' cell phones every so often.

ARGH. Is it too much to ask writers to either call the pump companies to discuss pump capabilities or even read the blessed web sites? What's with NBC and the "let's track the diabetic kid through the pump" line lately??

I love that show. It's bunk cuz it's called DRAMA and it makes it easy for folks to talk about it more! If you want to watch a factual documentary on anything (AND GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ENDEAVOR) you should find another station. I leave the wifi off on my pump so no one can find me - LOL

there is another episode of SVU where abigail breslin plays a diabetic child

this is an article about the episode although it does not mention diabetes

Maybe he's part of the Boston Artificial Pancreas study. They are trialling a semi-closed loop system comprising 2 T-Slim pumps (one for insulin, the other for glucagon) controlled by an iPhone 4. The iPhone talks to the iCloud.