Good Bye

I have totally enjoyed my time on this board. It has been informative, and, oh my, so much help to me. Your advice has had a great impact on my diabetic control and lifestyle, but I am leaving. There have lately been some nasty and hurtful comments and I am gone.

With a lot of experience (50 years) and when you are asking for our advice, please don't tell me to stay on subject... That really hurt. I have been diabetic since I was 9 years old, and understand children and that other children are uneducated of theD environment and can truly impact the child. Try as you might, a non diabetic parent can never truly understand. And when peers are not accepting, it is devastating, especially to a teen.

I am sorry, but the comment was inappropriate and hurtful, and I am gone.

I appreciate all the help I have received. Thanks, and I will miss you.

You shouldn't leave. I agree the comment was ill-mannered and tried to defend your generous offer to help in my own strange way and am sorry I didn't do so more volubly.

No, please stay! I thought of writing something about that rude remark when I read it, then decided that I might just make matters worse. Still, one rude remark is not worth leaving all the worthwhile conversations that make up the vast majority of postings here. When I get to feeling really unhappy for one reason or another, I love to read the lighthearted postings, such as in the group, What's on your mind, or the April blog about Truths and Lies. My best wishes.

Oh my. It was not your comment, it was rebuckster. You have been great and very inspiring. Keep running! Thank you, AR! Keep on keepin on. Glad you replied, and now I can go away.....

I didn't read the comment you are talking about T1, but I know how much a thoughtless jab from behind a computer screen can hurt. But I also very much agree with Trudy. You will do what is right for you, but it would be sad to lose you and for you to lose the 99% of considerate caring D's on here!

c'mon, I was really baiting the person with my comment. I suppose I could be banned for saying that but would like to unload on them for being so rude to you but just ignore them. Are you on the ADA board too? I guess you could go there but I will miss having you around if you leave.

I hope you change your mind. If you leave it will be a loss for all of us. Unkind remarks are unfortunate and I hope you can see past them.

I hope you know how much I've appreciated your being here. People say stuff and I can understand should you decide to leave. But after all you have dealt with in your life, the things people say are just "words." Perhaps you can just take a break. If you still decide not to come back, at least you have done it in the cold logical world of a new day. In either case, I hope you know that despite whatever words were spoken, you will always have some friends here.

It is unfortunate that some interpret well-meaning comments in a manner opposite to their intent. If the comment to which you refer is the one I just read, I don't think you meant any harm or disrespect. You actually offered a completely different approach to the problem; which should be considered by rational minds.

Having said that, I hope that once you have considered the continued support for your many and thoughtful comments of the past, you will reconsider your decision. I, for one, have valued your advice, your wisdom, and your wit. It will be a blow to this community if you choose to move away from it.

I hope you will reconsider.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

I hope you will reconsider. Like any public gathering, there will be some people we really enjoy and other people who rub us the wrong way. As I told someone else last week: "Try to focus on the flowers, not the weeds."

There are plenty of people here who have benefited from your input and treated you well in return. Just ignore the others, eh? We all have to do that from time to time.

Like everyone else responding to this thread, I thought that poster was extremely rude to you. I have been scolded before for getting into flaming wars, so I did not attack the poster for her inappropriate remark to you. Maybe I should have.

So please don't punish all of us by going away. I enjoy and respect your posts. You have given as much or more to us than we have given to you.

w00t! Flaming wars! baseball's starting again. IF you want a flamewar, wait until the Yankees are playing Boston and go to

I hate to see folks leave, but I have to say that the OP of the thread being discussed here simply asked to return to topic there. I did not see FLAMES, sheesh. If you were hurt by a comment from a person who was looking for specific answers...well okay. There are other worlds than this. I wish you all the best.

I wish you would reconsider. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts.

The OP's comment sort of reads as mind your own business I didn't ask you opinion on this subject I did not ask you to second guess my decision. I don't know his/her intent with that comment so I'm going to give him/her a pass. The meaning of statements can sometimes be misunderstood and it will be a shame if we lose a valued member because of a misunderstanding.

Again I'm asking T1Forever to reconsider the decision to leave. When a valued member leaves we all lose.

Gary S

It was unprecedented. I haven't ever seen anyone say anything like that around here.

I saw that comment earlier...

I almost said something but felt I'd caused enough trouble already... but I can go back and poke at it...

One more voice to please reconsider. You've been a pleasure to read and have certainly made this forum a better place.

Perhaps take a vacation from us. Absence sometimes does make the heart grow fonder.


I am so sorry, and if you read this, know that you have helped me and I always look forward to your posts. As someone in the teen years (17 years now) of having Type 1, I have spent much time recently bolstering my motivation for the long haul, and posts from a person like you help a "teenager" like me. I do hope you will keep hangin' with us.