Leftover animas supplies

Hi. Ideas on what to do with leftover Animas pumping supplies? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Happy Holidays, everyone :slight_smile:

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I’m still using animas vibe. What do you have?

Please let me remind everyone that the the sale or give away of prescription items is not allowed in this forum.

I would ask your endocrinologist if they are aware of any patients that use those supplies. You could drop them off at your next appointment. HIPPA prevents them from allowing you to contact them directly, but my doc was willing to be the middle man when I switched from one pump brand to another and wanted my supplies to find a good home rather than go to waste.

Thank you!

Depending on what infusion sets you have, it may be possible to use your Animas sets with your current tubed pump. If you’re now using Omnipod, obviously not relevant.

Here is a blogpost that I recently wrote about using Animas and Medtronic sets with my Tandem pump. My post discusses the interchangeability of Tandem TruSteel/Animas Contact Detach/Medtronic SureT and Tandem VariSoft/Animas Comfort/Medtronic Silhouette sets.

On Facebook someone shared a link to what he had written about substituting other types of sets.

The key to these substitutions is having extra tubing for your current pump or being willing to reuse tubing. It also requires understanding what you are doing and when to fill or not fill cannulas and/or tubing.

As I write this, I am currently wearing an Animas Contact Detach set with my Tandem pump…

So is there some way I can use my many leftover Animas Insets with luer lock connectors with my Tandem x2 with their proprietary connection?

I don’t know whether Bionic Wookiee’s post will answer your question. It totally depends on whether one of Tandem’s 90-degree sets has the identical connection to the site part of the set as does the Animas Inset. Then you would have to use the tubing from that Tandem set with the site part of the Animas inset. I don’t use the 90-degree Teflon sets from Tandem but I do think that the two Tandem choices have different connectors so maybe one will be compatible. Report back to us if you figure it out.

LOL! I thought the title was ‘Leftover animal supplies’ That’s what I get for flunking speed-reading. :slight_smile: j/k


Laddie-Thank you!

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