Left over Medtronic Infusion sets after pump change

I made the switch from Medtronic to Animas a couple of months ago and have about 2 boxes of Medtronic Infusion sets/reservoirs left over. I guess there is no way to use the Medtronic Infusion sets with the Animas reservoir? Thanks.

If you have silhouette sets you can interchange them with the comfort animas sets. They are almost identical. The reservoir and tubing wont work though. I switched from Animas to MM and I was able to use my old comfort sets, and I happen to like them better as I have an allergy to MM sets. They dont let me use animas sets and MM tubing though because of the way they are packaged ( quite on purose ) the tubing and the sets are packaged togehter, so one would need to buy double the sets and throw out the extra tubing or sets depending on which way you are going.

I wish they would just sell each thing seperately.