Lest We get Cocky About All These Great Recipes We Are Posting

I’ve launched Project Clean Out Old Files. Today I started going through old files of my Mom’s—seemed about time, 5 years after her death. She traded recipes around with all her friends a lot, and she was a contributor to the original Betty Crocker Cookbook back in the 50s. I found this little ditty with some of her old recipes:


I didn’t have potatoes–so I substituted rice.
I didn’t have paprika–so I used another spice.
I didn’t have tomato sauce–I used tomato paste.
A whole can, not a half can–I don’t believe in waste.
A friend gave me the recipe–she said you couldn’t beat it.
There must be something wrong with her–I couldn’t even eat it.

Hah!..Blessings and have fun in your kitchen!..


That is great. Thank you for sharing.

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That is funny
What one likes another doesn’t,

Keep smiling
Be well

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LOL! This is exactly how I cook, which is one of the reasons I’ve stopped :smile:


I’m constantly modifying recipes I use, my own and from others… I think that is the sign of a good cook/chef- flexibility and spontaneity :slight_smile:


I do the same, @meee, and so does my husband. One learns what will work. But I try not to take myself too seriously about the result—“different strokes, for different folks”…I don’t think my taste buds are necessarily a universal model for human beings…hehe…

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I usually follow the recipe exactly for the first time. Then I adjust to my(our) liking. I always say that recipes are merely suggestions…savory ones anyway.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


Well said, @curlysarah. I tend to do the same unless I am attempting to adapt an unknown high carb recipe to be lower carb— then I sort of dive in and hope for the best.–hehe–those are the most likely to be not-too-great the first time around. But if it seems to have possibilities, I’ll try again…