Let's all rally together again for Jeremiahtren!

Bless her heart she’s already had one surgary for cancer and their going in tomorrow to get the rest of it. As some member’s here might or might not know she lost twins earlier this fall (maybe it was the summer) This child needs our good thoughts and our prayers, she also had to survive Katerena when it hit her hometown. Let’s all think good thought’s for her now at this (another) sad time in her life.

I’m keeping Jeremiahtren in my thoughts and sending positive and healing energy to her from over the big blue!

I’ll be thinking and praying for her…Some people get hit with more than their share of hard times.

Positive thoughts and sending love and good wishes.

I did not know any of this news. I am keeping Jeremiahtren in my thoughts and prayers.

She’s had such a hard time here in such a little bit. I just want her to know we’re all here for her.