A Moment of Prayer

My friend Missy, as you all may know, had brain surgery yesterday to remove two tumors. She is a Type 1 Diabetic, and someone I count to be proud to be my friend… She is the best buddy a person can ever have… supportive, a good listener, and has taught me soooo much.

My friend Missy has had two seizures since yesterday, and has been unresponsive since 2 am, with uncontrolled blood glucose levels that doctors are having a hard time reigning in.

I would like for all of you... to drop whatever it is you are doing, and just take 1 minute of your time. ONE MINUTE... to lift my friend Missy, up in your positive thoughts, or prayers... Whatever it is you may believe, or not believe... Please, please... Take this time to send your positive thoughts and energy, for Missy... This is her hour of need... And she needs us.

Thank you.

Dear Lord... We ask you, today, as a community... to please intervene in Missy and John's life, right now. Please grant them the blessing of being able to overcome life's obstacles, and share a life together. Lord, you are above all things and are in charge of all outcomes... And we pray that you lessen the anguish in Missy and John's life, at this time. We ask that you would please... deliver them from all this pain, and misfortune, and that you would show them how great is your mercy and your healing. We do abide by your will, in all things... But as people of faith, we ask in all things, and pray in all things... We ask you to please... Bring a healing miracle, as you have shown before, in John's critical condition, right now... and in Missy's health, too. We ask for these things, in your name... Amen.


Missy's dad died Sunday morning of stage 4 cancer, and Missy's fiancee John was involved in a very serious car accident... Doctors are having a hard time stopping the internal bleeding. Please pray for them... think about them... send them your positive thoughts, and energy.



I’m in. Missy was my first (and so far only) TuDiabetes meet-up. Like many others, I have a great deal of affection for she and John. I wish we could all be there with them.

Am lifting Missy up in prayer!!!

Missy we’re all pulling for you! Show 'em you can do it!!! A prayer for her now!

Sending ALL the guardian angels your way, Missy!!!

I will keep Missy in my prayers and I hope that everything works out OK for her.

I will keep her on my thoughts!

Sending prayers her way, I haven’t kept up with the posts, I am so sad that she is not doing well-Praying that the love and strength being send her way are able, in some small way, to help move her past this obstacle. We’re all pulling for you Missy!


Mine are added.

We’re all holding you tightly, Missy.

Prayers and hugs.

Prayers said

sending healing thoughts, prayers, hugs. pray that the hospital staff does all they can do for her. strength to the family and John.

All my prayers for her

Up! :slight_smile:


Miss, we are with you through this dark tunnel… Hang in there, please…

Well… her anti-seizure meds are not working… and they are just NOW starting to give her insulin. Apparently, the on-call physician at the hospital thought she was a Type 2, and was denying her insulin and giving her metmorfin, instead. :frowning: It took this long for her personal Endo to get over there, and change things around… So apparently, that’s why she was having such high blood sugars and had a seizure, cus they gave her Metmorfin, and an MRI right afterwards… :frowning: We are keeping our fingers crossed… Her finace, John S, fainted from the whole ordeal, and is also needing stitched up and taken care of, now, too. I’m just gonna play a little Lego Harry Potter for a while, to get my mind off of things… or I will go batty.