Let's build our new home together!

Help us build a new home!

As 2014 winds down I want to take a minute to say "thank you." This year with your support TuDiabetes helped over a million people touched by diabetes worldwide.

With your gift of support together we will continue helping those facing the daily challenges of life with diabetes.

Looking ahead to 2015 major changes are in store. TuDiabetes is migrating to a new software platform for the first time since it was established seven years ago. Once done, you will see an up-to-date community site that's mobile-friendly and has a strong site search, making for easy access to all the great diabetes care info and peer support you've come to love.

A building block gift of $100 or more will be recognized on our virtual wall of honorees with a brick inscribed with a name you choose, perfect for honoring or memorializing someone special in your life. All donations (of any amount) are welcome and appreciated!

Moving to this new platform strengthens TuDiabetes for the future. We'll continue to offer round-the-clock peer support via chat, the latest diabetes news via live interviews, and been-there-done-that member experiences. We'll also be able to grow to serve the expanding number of people touched by diabetes.

Your gift will help insure the future of TuDiabetes so that no one living with diabetes ever has to feel alone.

Please donate today online using our secured payment donation form or by sending a check made to "Diabetes Hands Foundation" to

ATTN: Donations

Diabetes Hands Foundation
1969 University Ave. #1
Berkeley, CA 94704

Thanks once again,

Emily Coles

Head of Communities, Diabetes Hands Foundation
Living with Type 1 diabetes for 37 years

I'm happy to support this good cause!

Thank you so much, Terry!!

As much as I'd love to I cannot afford any financial support for this or any site.We are in a not so good financial state right now. I will support in other ways though.

"Moving" is a bit scary dearest Emily. Will I loose my friends? my page? my identity? Will I be able to find my way around the new city?