Survey: highest number and lowest number

A quick survey: What is the highest and lowest blood sugar number you have measured?

I’ll go first: highest: 330, lowest 67

I know my lowest was 32. I felt pretty weird…lol.

my highest recorded was 344.
my lowest recorded was 68

Highest: 475 (other than diagnosis when I topped 1000). Lowest: 32.
One time in middle school, I got something in the 500s, but I don’t remember specifics.
None of these were particularly recent, thankfully.

Highest = “high” (over 600)
Lowest = 28

High= “High” like Kathy over 600
Low=14 don’t remember much about it

HIgh - “High” at diagnosis - they later told me that i was in the 700s
Low - 41 (so far… - but I have only been at this diabetes thing since May :0)

just had a high of 244 - just I didn’t plan accurately for those scoops of cookie dough!

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high 455
low 25

In the 1990s when I was hypo unaware I was 10 when emergency took me to the ER and that was after they gave me some glucose. After having that type of emergency I would have to fight the highs of 400 and 500. I now know how to manage much better and haven’t had those type of lows or highs in years.

Highest: 435
Lowest: 45
:slight_smile: highest was like a week after being diagnosed, and i forgot to take a shot,
and lowest was completely random and i was babysitting a hyper 2 year old.
and i had no glucose!
i had to eat snickers lol!

My lowest would be 40

Highest - somewhere in the 700’s - when I was first diagnosed.

Lowest - 25. I was chatting on the phone, and couldn’t figure out what the bg banging noise was in the house. It was my heart beating! I went on a bit of a food frenzy.

Highest was HI (over 600) and lowest was 46. Neither were great fun…

Highest: "high"
Lowest: 12

About 8 years ago, I got low while on vacation (actually, it was after my then-boyfriend asked me to marry him); my blood sugar was 39, so I ate everything in the hotel room. Twenty minutes later it was 35, and then I started vomiting. Ended up in the ER. Good times. (You can read about that here.)

Back in my teens I used to hit in the 400s during the night (“dawn phenomenon,” they called it then).

Maybe we should be handing out awards: Highest number recorded or lowest number recorded and still kicking it on TuD.

Highest was around 500…forgot to bolus for Xmas dinner…felt fine, but full!
Lowest 35 …newly diagnosed, no insulin yet, just orals. Woke up feeling funky.

Highest: 427 (about 12 years ago, after a really amazing meal in Paris – it was worth it).

Lowest: 27 (somehow managed to complete the walk to work and load up on the candy bars – never lost consciousness, though the world did seem very odd).


Highest: 500 (not at diagnosis, just on a bad day-- at diagnosis, I was also HI)
Lowest: 20 (and I was able to treat my low-- perhaps my meter didn’t report it accurately!!)