Libre 2 USA availability

Thanks for that - I will call Edwards and ask if the next order (in 2 months) will be the T2, if not I will try to find it elsewhere -

Got the libre 2 today. Only 34 dollars cash from kroger pharmacy. That is the good news. I did verify that the librelink app does not work in the US for libre 2. You can only use the libre 2 physcial reader for now. Once again waiting on the slow FDA to approve it.


I signed up on the Libre website to be notified when the Libre 2 was available, and they sent an email last week that the Libre 2 was now in pharmacies. So when I happened to have an appointment with my doc today, I asked him to write me a prescription for the new Libre 2 system with reader, but he said it wasn’t on his list that his office uses to order from, yet. Guess I’ll have to keep using the Libre 14 Day a while longer, unless y’all have any better ideas…

Ask your doctor to write it out, the old fashioned way !!!

Thanks, but I don’t know if he can do that because wouldn’t he have done that if he could have?

My endo does it, but your doctor’s office may require it be in system. But it’s their limitation, not medical/legal rule.

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They can still write them, they’re just not used to it anymore so it takes a little more time and effort. They are just used to looking on the computer picking what item by code and e-mailing or printing lol…I would say the only hindrance would be if the doctors office is the supplier, like say Kaiser and Kaiser doesn’t offer it, then it wouldn’t be on the list and you couldn’t get it.

I had my endo write a script for an insulin I wanted to order from Canada and I wanted the hard copy. My endo had no problem doing that but said they have to mail it out and with covid they are only mailing once a week or so. I was surprised they don’t need to mail anything regularly anymore but I wasn’t in a rush so it didn’t matter. But paper scripts just aren’t being used as much and obviously they aren’t needing to mail very much either.

PS It’s so new a lot of the pharmacies don’t have it yet either. I just ran into that. With a new script turned in they tried to give me the 14 day Libre instead of the Libre 2. They were oblivious there was a new one out.


I just found it on the Costco Pharmacy online list, and will check tomorrow if available yet.
If similar to dexcom, they don’t stock at store, but can have ready following day.

I spoke to Cigna and they told me the libre 2 would be considered an improved product, and I would not have to wait for the 90 day replenishment… they told me they did not see a prior authorization for the new libre2 prescription which may have been the cause for the increased price difference, however, I’m still waiting for the drs office to confirm…at any rate, it is possible the price will stay the same, and you or your wife should not be required to wait…

It does cost more it turns out.

Checked with my local Costco, and they said wasn’t set up in their system to order yet. Was in a Target/CVS pharmacy today, they said they could get them. Did not ask cost, but may buy oop if cash discount deal is done by Abbott.

My grocery store pharmacy had a retail price of $75 per libre2 sensor, and my insurance company confirmed that they are classifying it as a non preferred item, and is therefore more expensive with my plan…looks like the promise of the same price is untrue


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I put a link above to a post about possibly getting a voucher for the lower same cost on the Libre2 until December.

Thanks. I’m sticking with the 14 day for now, at work I am rather active ( 5-8 miles) and rely on xdrip’s predictions, ringtones, and watchface, which I would probably have to sacrifice for the libre2. At any rate, I’d probably pay more, and receive either less features, or the exact same since I am already using the miaomiao2

I have a miao miao with the tomato ap on my diabetic dog. From what I have heard out there the new Libre makes it harder to use with other aps. But I don’t know the truth to that at all as someone told me who heard type of thing. And it’s so new here that???

In Europe they would take the librelink app and modify it to send the info to an online account like nightscout, but abbot prevented it in the us…at any rate, it is getting much more difficult to use libre as a Cgm because many apps are having issues with android 10. I haven’t tried the libre2 with the miaomiao2, and probably won’t as long as they still make the us 14 day, as there’s no benefit, and the libre2 is in a higher insurance tier for me…

Libre 2 is available from Edwards covered by Medicare - however you must buy the reader out of pocket if Medicare paid for a reader in the last 3 years I got one for my wife at the small corner pharmacy 5 bucks cheaper then the walmarts who brag about low prices. The sensors do not ship until 10/9. See how they work then.

So after my drs did the prior authorization for the libre 2, my local pharmacy who tried to charge me $40 for the reader, and $100 for the sensors last month(so I picked up the old 14 day sensors instead), charged me $60 for a 90(84) day supply of 6 sensors with a reader included…also after Cigna told me a prior authorization would not help to lower the price…so my advice is to do the prior authorization before picking up the sensors just in case

I can verify the new u.s. libre 2 does not work with any apps yet…it only works with the u.s. libre 2 reader…

This is why I am holding off, I do not wish to carry a reader plus phone. I hear that a phone app is in the works, I can wait.