Life after high school

Well, im currently in my second semester at Long Beach City College, graduated High School Class of 2008. HOOAH. My military career was over from the beginning. haha I got rejected 2 years ago on Christmas Eve, so i consider it an early christmas gift. hahaha I got rejected from the Regular Army, but i also tried the Army Reserve, California National Guard and California State Guard. ALL rejected me.

Funny story (kind of) about the State Guard is that when i talked to the Sgt. he had told me that they just put in place a new rule that no Diabetics could enlist after one of their diabetics had died during Operation Fall Blaze. Operation Fall Blaze consisted of the State Guard helping to put out the freak forest fires that occured in the mountains about a 1-2 years ago. Basically the soldier forgot to take his inslin and something happened where he perished on the frontline and wasnt accounted for when they had to report back to base. So, the Sgt. basicaly told me I had just barely missed my chance. Blargh.

I had also made a pact with a childhood friend that we’d both go into the Army as Airborne Infantry after being inspired by watching Band Of Brothers. Since we were little we had both wanted to get into the military. When i was rejected, i tokd him to continue on with his dream and enlist. He enlisted in the Marines and has 2 weeks left until his graduation. We correspond with each other, and unfortunately due to having class the day of, i wont be able to go to his graduation at 29 Palms in San Diego.

So now im at LBCC majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. Im studying Psychology so that i can be a Psychiatrist/Psychologist and work with children who just found out they have some kid of health ailment (Diabetes, Cancer, etc.) so that they can just let their feelings out. The minor for Human Development is for Early Child Development since im going to be working with little kids. I plan on transfering to Califronia State University, Long Beach (CSULB) to continue my higher education there.


If I were you, I’d (1) skip class and go to your buddy’s graduation, or (2) tell your teacher you’re going to miss class so you can go to your buddy’s graduation. I missed class day won’t amount to a hill of beans when you look back on this day later in life, but missing your buddy’s big day will be a big regret. Don’t let work/school get in the way of friends family and life.

Cheers and best wishes, Mike

well mike, i thought about that, but its during finals week so it wont be posible

Hey Arturo,

Jaimie pointed you out to me and I wanted to say hi. I was diagnosed when I was 17. It was October of my senior year and I was already talking with a recruiter hoping to get into the Air Force. I had NO CLUE that having this stupid disease would destroy my plans but one call to my recruiter told the story. I was crushed. Hell, I am still crushed about it. I really wanted to serve my country and I get upset when I hear how proud people are of those that serve, what about those of us that would if we could???

anyhow, I am in the LA area and if you ever need someone to chat with let me know man. I really like what you are planning to do with your degree. Kids need that big time.

Take care.