Lifescan One Touch Meter + Cable + 64-bit Win7 OS

I have a One Touch ultra mini meter and the Lifescan cable. My PC OS is Windows 7 64-bit. The problem I’m having is that I cannot get the Lifescan online software (Zoom) to recognize my meter and download data. I know it works with the 32-bit version of the OS, but I would rather find a workaround solution rather than switch the OS configuration.

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I’m asking here first in case someone has a solution such as an available driver or driver patch. Has anyone found a way to get 64-bit Win7 to recognize their one touch and download the data? I did find a workaround by using Medtronic Carelink online; however, I would like to upload my data to MS Healthvault using Lifescan’s Zoom software.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

You can try downloading the Lifescan driver update package again off their website, (unplug meter cable from pc first, then replug after install/or when prompted by install)… If that doesnt work, I had one machine that by letting Windows update, update the Prolific driver (AFTER installing the Lifescan Driver pack)… the meter downloads started to work… as always… YMMV… if it doesnt, youll want to uninstall the Prolific driver and the lifescan stuff…

Let me know how it goes because its been awhile since iv done it…

Thanks, Jake. I’ll take a look, and I’ll let you know if I find success…or not. :wink:

(you go to device manager and select the PL driver and hit delete… it should ask if you want to remove or uninstall… you want to uninstall)

My system is Vista 64-bit. I had some recent issues with the OneTouch driver recently, but since it’s not my usual meter, I didn’t worry too much. Wanted to connect the meters to Health vault. Had to do some serious registry hacking to get rid of a pair of old, nonfunctioning Prolific drivers. After I installed the new OneTouch desktop software, MS HealthVault told me I had to uninstall the desktop software to use the HealthVault connection. Once I got that installed, the desktop software said I had to uninstall the HealthVault drivers.

Color me upset. OneTouch Zoom doesn’t allow the in-depth analysis of the desktop software, and HealthVault does not give me the option of an integrated display which will show both BP and BG on the same timeline graph. Which makes the whole connectivity thing useless from any point of view other than transmitting info to/from doctors and family members and having something that (in theory) isn’t dependent upon your computer not going splort.