Has anyone used Lispro? My brother was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. They gave him Lispro, even though he normally uses Humalog. I think I read a posting earlier this year about someone dying from Lispro. My brother didn’t die, but I have concerns about its safety. I’d appreciate any information anyone has on it.

Lispro is actually the exact same insulin as Humalog. Both are made by Eli Lilly, but Lispro sells for much less than Humalog.

I wouldn’t worry about the safety of Lispro beyond the usual and not insignificant safety concerns over using any external insulin. The largest side effect of injecting insulin is low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

People can die from over-dosing insulin but it is not common. Hypoglycemia is detectable and very treatable if the diabetic and people around him are paying attention.

Close monitoring of blood glucose levels is the best way to mitigate this concern. Fingerstick glucose meters and continuous glucose monitors are tools we use to make sure we stay safe using insulin.

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Humalog is the brand name of insulin Lispro. They are one and the same.

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Lilly tells us they come off the same line, same process same insulin. No difference.