Living with diabetes

Hello everybody…Two days ago was my diabetes birthday…and I’am so upset…maybe it’s normal…sometimes I feel I could live with diabetes trying to do my best…but sometimes I feel so unhopeful…since I am diabetic I am really moody and I think it’s really difficult to stay with me…at the same time I can’t explain my feelings to someone who is healthy…Most of the times they answer me there’s something worst… yes for sure…but I feel alone…does anybody feel the same? sorry if I made mistakes…

Elena, before I found this community, after 18 years as a type 1 diabetic, I thought I was the only one in my doctor’s office who just couldn’t do it right. Turns out that none of us can! laughs But seriously, you are not alone. Share your concerns with us. Chances are, we can ALL relate.

A blog by one of our members that I love to read is Kerri Sparling’s “Six Until Me.” Her diabetes just turned 22 the other day and she posted a really touching post about it.

E, You came to the right place. I’m the solo diabetic in my family and sometimes that is the toughest part about having diabetes. Something that I’ve come to realize recently is that you shouldn’t let Diabetes control you…you control the diabetes. Looking at your numbers when they pop-up on the Gluc screen can be depressing, especially when you are way out of wack. Breathe and take it 1 test strip at a time. BTW, belated Happy Birthday!

Hi Elena

I think most (all?) of us go through these feelings on a regular basis. By the way, September is my 36-year anniversary with D, congrats on getting her and especially with your great A1C.

It’s really impossible to explain this all to someone without diabetes. There are always worse diseases and illnesses, but diabetes is an ongoing toll on both your body and your mind.

There’s no easy way to deal with these feelings. Because if you relax control, then the concern about complications is always there. I think all you can do is relax and try your best to maintain control. There will be bad days and good days, with luck many more good ones.

People say insensitive things like “it could be worse” when they don’t know what else to say. Guess they think this is an uplifting statement. Not! Would be a lot more comforting if they just acknowledged when someone is down & not offer platitudes or advice.

I’d wager we all feel as you do at times, at least I do. It can be depressing, exhausting. Feels hopeless often, too. Difficult to explain to non-D’s the emotional & physical roller coaster we’re on.

Hi Elena,
Look at all the supportive responses you have gotten. We all understand and are with you. Unfortunately no one who isn’t diabetec can fully know how you feel no matter how much they love you. I think Gerri is right about people saying crazy things when they really don’t know what else to say. Any time you are feeling down or out of sorts just come back to your family on here. I know there must be plenty of people who love you at home and even though I am surrounded by people in the medical fields I frequently get the strangest advice you have ever heard. Sometimes it is funny and I try hard to keep a straight face. Other times it is so off the wall I can’t believe it actually came from an intelligent person. Sometimes it can be so irritating it is hard to keep my mouth shut. And sometimes I am just too irritable myself. I know I am much more emotional now and much more likely to cry or laugh at any time. I think that is just us. After all insulin is a hormone. I wish you a day with laughter and some joy and i hope you get to go shoe shopping. That really works for me. I am sending you a big loving hug.
Blessings be to you

Hi Tim, thanks for your message!
Yer it’s true I should control Diabetes and not Diabetes controlling me…but as you know there too many things to take care of; anyway thanks a lot I’ll do my best.

Hi Bernard ; first of all thanks for replying, Congrats to you for your A1C, I’am just 2 years with D.!!!
Yes you are right if you relax control it is dangerous…But we also have to keep on living a “normal life”…so I try to do what you said …anyway I Feel better after reading all your nice replies…

I feel exactly how you described; Maybe sharing the same feeling could br helpful!!!

Congrats on your birthday! Just think how much better off you are since you have been managing your diabetes for two years! And now you have found a great family of people here who will totally understand what you are feeling, even if your family doesn’t. We are all at different stages of our journey, but you are sure to find support whenever you need it here.

Misty…happy to make this journey with all of you thanks!

Glad to hear things are on the improve…Happy D-day…

Yup. I know how you feel. I experience that depression too, especially when my BS is going crazy and nothing I do improves it. I guess it is the adjustment from what you enjoyed to what you can enjoy that causes the trouble. Lately, my sugar had been terrific, but we are moving into the fall season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, holloween and all the goodies I enjoy so much…carmel appels and cold Dr. Pepper, pecan pie, …they are not gone from my life forever. I can still enjoy them in moderation, but this season is the hardest for me because I can’t enjoy them with the same enthusiasm as i did earlier.
The bible says to be content in ALL things, so I guess that is what I’ll learn to do.
health to all

Hi Elena,
I have written up two messages to you on your page, but each time i send them I lose therm. I don’t know where they are going, but if two show up somewhere and they look a lot alike you will know I messed it up.
You are very welcome Elena. I am so very glad you are here with us. I was so irritable yesterday and my youngest daughter recognized it and is taking me shoe shopping tomorrow. She said we are going to several stores and then to lunch before I go see my kidney doc in the afternoon. That sure puts a smile on my face. She needs a pair for work, but i will be looking at anythng and everything. It doesn’t matter that i won’t buy anything, just to go is enough. I sure hope you get a chance to go out and do something just for fun. I didn’t get a chance to go ride the little dirt go carts this year, but am always open to a new temptation. My kids love to go flying by me and tease me about going too slow. What do you like to do for fun.? You have obviously been keeping good control of your blood sugars, but we still have emotional swings. I hope your day goes well for you and i hope you come up with an idea to do somethng fun for you too. Wicked works too. A big hug to you and blessings as well.

I often feel very alone. I really don’t have any good friends that are also diabetic. Diabetes has thrown alot of curve balls in my life to say the least. In the past I had such severe lows that my wife threatened to leave me if I didn’t get my hypos under control. She couldn’t bear to live with the daily trauma (that topic is still a sore issue in my life). I’m now on a pump and things are going a lot better. It’s a daily struggle and it would be more helpful for me if I had someone there who could sincerely empathize with me. I love this site; it’s provided some personal support for me.
I know what you’re going through Elena… I go through the same thing myself.