"Living with you is like living with diabetes"

I have realized something my mom said once: “Living with you is like living with diabetes” this is something I thought impossible cause at the end no one without diabetes can imagine how much we resist from buying that chocolate cake or how we regret eating the cake or how we stand and get over lows which slow down our heart beat and make us feel so out of this world.

But maybe it is truth because in every low I’ve been my family is with me specially my mom, when my BG is low my mom emmediately gets worried and gives me everything in the kitchen! I remember that my BG was in 22 one day, I even fainted! It was horrible! I got an awful headache after it!

Knowing that although there are stuff people can’t understand some of them, are capable of making me feel diabetes is something apart, in this case my mother.

Tell me who makes you feel diabetes is something apart and tell me how you overcome your lows!


I don’t have diabetes. But my son does. I’ve been managing his diabetes since he was 16 months. And honestly even though I don’t feel the “physical” effect of diabetes I’m still living with it. I do all the blood checks, I measure all the food, I do site changes, I check ketones, I worry and stress about numbers, I wake up in the middle of the night to check blood sugar etc etc etc

Do I have diabetes… no I don’t. Do I live with diabetes… I sure do! Until my son can manage it himself (and even then, I will always worry)… it’s my responsibility. So I can completely understand why your mom would say that! :slight_smile:

My girlfriend gets on Diabetes overload easily. I am selective at times what I tell her because she just freaks out with it and gets kinda hostile because she wants to control it. If I tell her I am having a bad day she will really freak out, because like your mom she wants me to have all good days. I tell her I will have bad days and yes it upsets me, just as it does with you I am sure.

She doesn’t understand it but I am working with her on it. Your mom is very supportive but understand it can be just too damm overwhelming for those close and love you at times.

As to your lows sounds like a med/ diet problem and you need to get into to see your educator or Dr to fix it immediately. The dietitian may help too. I hope you have the gluclose safety injection kit too so your mom can give it to you if you get too low. Best of Luck