New year, same old crap

I went from being Ms. Positive to Ms. Negative.

I want to do well so bad, but it just isn't happening, I plan on talking to my therapist Wednesday about going back in the hospital.

I feel like I'm missing out on the world. I've missed out on so much and I'm just going to miss out on even more. Why is this happening to me? Why did diabetes have to have such a huge impact on my family?

I woke up the other morning to my mom screaming for help because her blood sugar was low and she couldn;t manage to take care of it herself. It scared the crap out of me. I felt so helpless, I still feel helpless in so many ways.

Let me tell you something, this is not crap: you should consider that all of these happens for a reason and the reason is that you can learn about all that is happening around you.

Now, you say that everything is going wrong but I can't understand why you say that. Maybe be can help you because all of us are diabetic: you are not alone. The most important thing is that you are alive, you have the chance to make things different.

Diabetes is difficult only if you allow it. Your family needs to understand the meaning of being diabetic; nevertheless, the most important thing is that you understand how to deal with it.

Finally, you mention the hipoglycemia of your mom made you get angry but I will tell you something: my mother has had to take me to the hospital 6 times because of my low-levels sugar and still supports me to avoid this situation. I think that you should talk to your mom and make her understand how to get her normal levels. If my mom hadn't helped me when hypoglycemias I would be dead.

You are lucky, your mom is OK and we know it is scarry, but the most important is that you help her to eat appropriated food, use right medication, sugar test and (of course) talk to her and make her aware of her own condition.

You are not useless, maybe is just the stress that situation caused, but you can still do that. Your mom is OK and I know it is difficult, but improving every aspect I am pretty sure it won't happen again.

Don't worry, ■■■■ happens, now is your turn to avoid it might happen again. You are not alone, here we are to help you and your mom. Best wishes.

PS. Year is not over, let's keep fightning

You can do it & you will do it. Give yourself time. Be gentle with yourself.

You aren't going to miss out on anything you really want, unless you throw in the towel & give up. Up to you.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Hold on sweetheart the trip is hard but your harder.

slow down! you have to take it one small bit at a time. you can't completely change overnight you've taken a great step in taking charge or your life and your Diabetes. there will be road blocks and stumbles but that is part of journey you are on - falling and getting back up. dust yourself off and get back to being the strong independent individual you are. YOU CAN DO THIS