LOL! no need to worry

Carb counting or insulin. The time has already come to kiss it goodbye. Insurance is over. Insulin and testing is done. I pretty much know that if I eat below 20 carbs a meal… I’ll be ok. I’m reading to see how everyone else is doing. I think my focus will be on continuing to educate my kids and keeping our heads above the water. Finances are floating really crazy for us right now. We did have to replace a major part in the well. Then the car died,and the van went kapoot briefly… it’s back up and running for now.Just no heat. the worst will come when the summer heat of SC hits us with no A.C. in that van. I’m really learning the hard way that it doesnt pay to worry about these things at all. Worry just adds stress… Stress just adds depression. As long as I eat right and do what needs to be done…I will be ok. The seasons are changing and with it I am too.:slight_smile: I’ve cropped my hair short and I’ll blow everyone’s minds with capri shorts and and tanktops. I’ll keep sandals or something on my feet and try to remember to rub some lotion on them everyday. I’m gonna have my garden and eat in it too! If someone doesnt like what they see… then maybe they are not looking thru my glasses or wearing my footwear!

I’m sorry to hear this. Hang in there. You do need to keep yourself healthy though. Where do you live? Someone on this site posted awhile back about having a program where they passed along supplies to people without insurance. Maybe you can search for that.

Hi MeadowLark hang in there. I KNOW about insurance woes and money problems and then there’s the diabetic thing too…hahaha… well I try and keep smiling even when I feel like it’s raining shi* and I don’t have an umbrella hang in there 'cuz I would miss reading your posts and blogs…:slight_smile: