Long, Rambley Update. xD

So, I’ve got a hella lot of time on my hands seeing as it’s half term and I’m sick (go figure… always happens once school ends…). Realised it’s been forever since I wrote anything on here and insanely much has happened… So… I’ll try to write in chronological order. xD

28th July
Got the pump with saline! Yay!

(Wow, I just realised how long ago it was when I saw the picture. I've CHANGED. xP)

I also got my A1C done, and it was 7.8.

31st July
Got the pump with insulin! Yay! Started on stupid ratios but got it sorted fairly soon, and got in decent control pretty fast.

2nd - 9th August
Went on diabetes camp! It was amaazing, especially as I’d only been on the pump for a couple of days and really needed some help with getting adjusted. Didn’t have too many highs and lows, and overall it was really great fun meeting other people with D. I’d totally recommend it to anyone, although I did get a little bit homesick.

Sometime later in August
Everything went whacky, and I actually ended up almost being taken OFF the pump. =/

It wasn’t really apparent what was wrong with me for a while, but my insulin needs SKYROCKETED. I mean, from about 10-15 units per day up to about 60 units per day. It was INSANE. Anyway, I was running in the 20mmols (300s and 400s) all the time and then I started showing visible sickness signs… Well, allergy signs. I ended up covered in hives and it was horrible, but I got cream and stuff for it, and upped my anti-histamine dose (I was already on anti-histamines for sunlight allergy (>_<) but needed more for whatever this was). Anyway, I had trace ketones and started to lose weight, and all of a sudden quick-sets just stopped working. It was the worst timing. Seriously. They kinked every time I put them in, so I just got higher and higher… I’m so happy I’m on silhouettes now, because that was a DISASTER.

18th December (I think)
Had my A1C re-done, and it was down to 6.4!! My sugars had been evened out for quite a while since the terrible August episode of highs, and I was really happy with that!

Since then a huge amount hasn’t happened in the world of diabetes. To be honest (and I don’t really like to say this) I think I’m still struggling slightly with accepting it all. That’s not to say I’m not taking care of myself, just that I still don’t really regard myself as diabetic… KWIM? And, I still have a problem with people (including some members of my close family and friends) asking what my blood sugars are, even though I have no problem with others with diabetes and a few
other people (perhaps the ones I consider to be the least judgemental? idk.)

I’m trying to loosen up with the obsessive compulsive tendencies, though, because apparently testing 14-18 times per day is not reasonable. At the moment, I’m doing around 8, and finding it hard. I just want to know what I am ALL the time (I’m scared of lows). They’re gonna stop covering the strips though, because it’s “unnecessary”.

Other than diabetes, life has been relatively calm. I haven’t been as active as usual around here, I’ve actually been trying to pre-occupy myself less with diabetes than usual, partially because of the whole “obsessive” testing thing. But, as far as I know, I’m back for good. [: