Long time no see

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted here in so long! But well, I guess sometimes life gets in the way. I have been doing well. Trying very hard to take care of myself and I think I’m doing much better than I have been. I’ve lost 40 pounds this year and loads of inches. I’m still going to the gym 5 days a week. Well, maybe I’ve been slacking a little since it’s the end of the year but I’m still going. I’m really proud of myself for being so good at work and avoiding all the holiday temptations that people have been bringing in. Have many good things planned for the new year so I’m pretty excited.

Hit a big milestone last month. I turned 40. That was pretty intense for me. It’s hard because I look in the mirror and I’m like 40? Are you kidding me? What the hell? It’s like where have the years gone? And now, each year seems to pass by quicker than the last. I mean in 2 weeks its Christmas! Weren’t we just out grilling for 4th of July? So now that the actual day has come and gone, I’m better but it’s still a hard realization. I don’t think men have as hard of time with birthdays as women do. Probably in a few months I’ll be over it but I’m still getting used to the idea. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Im not exactly where I want to be in life and I feel like I’m still searching… for a lot of things… Ugh! That’s a whole other blog entry.

Happy birthday first off.I’ll be turning 40 myself in about 9 months.Glad to see you back.Time passes very quickly.My son turned 12 yesterday and it seems like he just turned 11.Well done on your weight loss.Hope to see more of you.

Welcome back Andi! Glad youre doing great. I coudnt agree more…time does fly so fast! Wonderful job on the weight lost. I saw your new photos…stunning and beautiful!

I can’t remember when I turned 40. It was 18 years ago. Time flies. Don’t sweat the birthdays. As long as your health is good then the rest is gravy.

I also turned 40 18 years ago. You are only as old as you feel. My dad is 86 and says he doesn’t think of himself as old!! It sounds like you had a great year and I hope this year will be just as good for you.