How fast does your lancing device wear out?

I was wondering how fast lancing devices wear out on average. I’ve been using the Microlet 2 for about 4 years, but I have to replace it every 6 - 12 months, because the spring wears out. Is this normal? What are your experiences with other lancing devices?
Before I started using the Medtronic pump and the Contour meter, I used the EasyTouch device from Abbott for a couple of months, but not long enough to discover how fast it wears out.
By the way, in my opinion Abbott’s FreeStyle lancets have a really good design. For safe disposal you can click the lancet cap on the lancet and it won’t come off. That’s great when you are not at home and don’t have access to a needle container. Microlet lancets don’t have this feature, caps almost immediately fall of after putting them on the lancets. Which sometimes results in prick accidents.

I’ve been using the same one for about 5 years. I got it back in the day when my insurance company had a chronic disease management plan and they gave it to me for free. It’s probably bottom of the barrel as cheap as they come, but it hasn’t given up yet. It’s also long and thin, about the size of a pen, so it fits in my D-bag really well (I don’t use the cases the meters come in).

Speaking of, I think I’ll change my lancet today… it’s been a while.

I use a Multiclix that I’ve been using for about eight years now.


The Multiclix and its newer version, the Fastclix, win every vote we’ve ever had here for comfort. I’ve had these lancing devices for years, and have never had one break. Additionally, they use drums for the lancets. each drum has 6 lancets. There is no way to have an accidental poke when changing lancets or drums.

I change my lancet on Mondays.

Another vote for FastClix. When my daughter was first diagnosed this is what we got. She’d probably still be using that very same device if her dog, Dottie, didn’t chew it to pieces. I’ve had to buy 5 replacements (and still counting). We have 3 back-up FastClix now.

I purchased a box of 100 lancet drums a few weeks after her diagnosis. My daughter will likely still be working through those when she is a grandmother.

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Okay, so you can use a lancet multiple times? I didn’t know that, somewhere I heard that those lancets in drums are locked after 1 use or something like that

I didn’t know there was a newer version of the Multiclix. Is the Fastclix any better? I have a Softclix in my backup meter case (which doesn’t have drums, only single lancets, but the lancets are flat and very small).

Definitely not true. You can use the same lancet as many times as you want. With the Multiclix, at least, you manually change the lancet when you feel like it by twisting the back. Not sure how the Fastclix works, but it’s probably similar.

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The Fastclix is a bit faster, as you don’t have to c ock the thing before pressing the button to lance. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same - except you cannot use multiclix drums in a fastclix device. it has a little lever than advaces the drum to the next lancet, in a similar fashion as the multiclix.

@Boerenkool we have members here who rarely change their lancet. or they do it once a year. someone gave me a practically lifetime supply, so I decided once a week was enough. some do it every day.

LOL, same here. I have three boxes of drums. I expect some will be in my estate.[quote=“Boerenkool, post:6, topic:51448”]
Okay, so you can use a lancet multiple times? I didn’t know that, somewhere I heard that those lancets in drums are locked after 1 use or something like that
Nope. I use the same lancet . . . well, never mind how often. Let’s just say I don’t change anywhere near as often as Marie does.[quote=“Jen, post:7, topic:51448”]
I didn’t know there was a newer version of the Multiclix. Is the Fastclix any better?
The major difference is that the Fastclix requires only one hand to operate. Rather than being a two step process like the Multiclix, you press it once to do everything. Faster and much more convenient.

And answering the original question, I’m still using my original one. I’ve never had one fail.

LOL I was going to mention you @David_dns as being one of our “rare new lancet” members. don’t you change twice a year when daylight savings time comes and goes?

Well, no, because that would be unbalanced (8 months vs. 4 months or whatever the division is these days). But it’s pretty infrequent, yeah. I change when I notice increasing discomfort, which happens . . . not too often. Sometimes I change it on January 1 just for the sake of changing it.

Interesting. I use the Multiclix with one hand. I just puress the back with my thumb, then rotate it in my hand and press the button for the lancet. Maybe I’ll see if I can get hold of a Fastclix to see what it’s like.

I used to change my lancet once or twice per year. With the Multiclix, since it’s so easy, I tend to change it about once a month. Basically whenever I feel like it’s getting dull.

LOL. Perhaps I should have said, it’s easier to use with one hand. And faster.

I actually think I might have one. I was looking at the lancing device that’s attached to my Accu-Chek mobile (which I used to use for swimming, but don’t like because the strip cartridge expires after six months and it won’t let you use any of them after the expiration date…). It doesn’t say Fastclix, but it does use a drum (the same drum as the Multiclix) and to use it you press the back twice. I wonder if they then made a stand-alone version of this called the Fastclix.

I guess that’s possible. You do press the Fastclix just once to do everything. One stop shopping :laughing:

Oh, I change lancets every time. Probably my endo or CDE would get mad at me if I never changed lancets.

As I understand from you guys, a lancing device should definitely last longer than 6-12 months? (I measure my BG 4 times a day)

Thanks for all the replies!

Well, I have been PWD for over 20 years and I have never, ever, had a lancing device break or wear out.

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Same. I’ve had Type 1 for over 24 years and tested between 4-12x per day at various points, and the only reason I’ve changed lancing devices is because I’ve switched meters.


LOL. I haven’t even done that. Once I found the Fastclix, I’ve stayed with it regardless of which new meter I switched to.

I have two of them. One sits on my desk and the other lives in my travel kit. I have an old Multiclix that I keep for emergency backup. The only time I’ve had to replace a device was once when I managed to lose one somehow. Left it in a hotel room, or something of the kind.

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