Looking for a new pump

__It is time for me to get a new pump. What would you get?

I would get an appointment with a rep from all 3 of the remaining pump companies (Insulet, Tandem, Medtronic)…

Not being sarcastic, serious answer here. You owe it to yourself to see them all in action. Request a live demo - meaning an active infusion/pod setup, not just the controlling device without anything hooked up to it. See how it works for real.

Don’t let your endo do the demo. Endo’s always have a personal favorite and may try to sway your opinion. Do the demos first, and then discuss them with your endo so you can be clear which one you want, instead of what your endo wants. And then hear your endo’s opinion after you have some background on all of them.

You owe it to yourself to see them all.


my preferred method for decision making is to make a pro/con list and then compare the choices. The three options out there for pumps are surprisingly different from one another is many ways, so based on what you value most, hopefully a decision would be clear.

Omnipod, X2, 670G.

things like ease of use, functionality, supplies, customer service, customer reputation, etc… weigh out what you like about your old pump, and then apply that to which one matches up the best!

I did that for myself and ended up with an X2 and Dexcom, The X2 has pluses and minuses over my old Ping. I miss the waterproof, but love the touch screen.

The Dexcom is new, and it is a game changer. So the X2 is worth it in that regard. I believe the Guardian (for the 670G) surely will be on par with the Dexcom, and the Omnipod can use Dexcom too, so whatever pump you go with, i recommend CGM!

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As FYI, The Tandem X2 is rated for under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

I specifically called Tandem customer service and they said the pump is fully covered under the warranty for water damage.

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I specifically called Tandem customer service and they said the pump is fully covered under the warranty for water damage.

I talked with my trainer about this too - and realistically, i’ve only ever had my PING in water longer than the X2 is rated maybe 3-4 times in 8 years… so likely the obvious solution is to just get a water tight container for any future such use with the X2. I know I had gotten recommendations on here previously…

This will possibly be coming out next year. I believe that it is planned for the 2nd Dash release next year, not the first. But that depends on who you talk to and who you believe.

Dash won’t have CGM integration, but next-gen Horizon will. I doubt we’ll see Horizon before 2019/2020.



Depends what you mean by “integration”.

The second (most likely 2nd) Dash release will just display CGM numbers, but will not do automatic dosing based on the CGM. So it is “integrated”, but only in displaying it. Kind of the way Tandem is.

The closed-loop integration is a few years off.

I am a fan of releasing in stages rather than waiting for one big update. With multiple smaller updates, we get to see real progress and not just talk. As long as you don’t get discouraged when you see the first update and realize it is the first of a series.


I had OmniPod for several years, just switched over to X2 about a week ago. I’ve enjoyed the X2 so far-- I was a little worried about having something “attached” to me, but always having the pump on my belt, with the Dexcom reading on it, has been nice. Sleeping with it has been a non-issue. Basically the things I were primarily concerned about switching from pod to X2 have not been issues at all. I think it all comes down to personal preference at the end of day, and I would second getting live demo if you can, so you can see and touch.

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