Switching pumps and the people that use them

This is for type 1 diabetics and those who are new to a pumps,or changing pumps. Those who have questions about comparisons of pumps and the likes and dislikes of each pump brand and functioning,

I was on dexcom and loved the Omnipod because it had no tubing and it was small enough to hide under my clothes and swimsuit (since I swim a lot). They sold me on the 670G and although I am just trying it and haven’t gone to the closed loop part yet- I hate the size of the pump and all the tape to hold the sensor in is ridiculous. I am trying not to be vain versus whats best for my control but I really liked the omnipod. I want to go back I think

I’ve found listening to these gut instincts are helpful when deciding on pump hardware/software that you will live with all day, every day. Some things you can get used to provided the pump system otherwise delivers dependably good performance.

Nothing wrong with a little vanity. Confidence in your appearance along with physical comfort is one less thing to add to your diabetes concerns.

@Robin25 - I could tell you what pump we use and why it is so great. It has all these features that are WAY better than anything else. And it does this and that and is just awesome.

At the end of the day - none of that matters.

What matters for YOU is the pump that YOU want to use.

Salespeople are great if they are giving you facts and valid information. Once they start working to convince you to buy their product then they are no longer working for you but potentially against you.


Ive used 3 different pumps in the last 15 years, and IMHO theyre all basically the same. Each model has different features and operations, so there may be features you like better than others, but theyre all basically the same.

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A “perfect” pump for me would be a MM pump with much louder alarms than the 551 (or earlier–I’ve not heard the alarms of their newer pumps) , that could use Dexcom sensors! Now that would be awesome. That would save me from wearing a receiver and would give me accurate CGM data. Since I don’t mind the size of the G5 xmitter as much as I thought I would, I’d be happy with that combo; not that it will ever exist.