Looking for a new supplier

Been using CCS medical supplier for over five years and its been a battle dealing with them at times. So, I think its about time getting a new supplier for my infusion sets and handles Tandem line. (will be getting a new pump after I decide which supplier I feel good about.

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My wife has Edwards for Dex and CCS for sets for at least 10 years. Both have been excellent.

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I do not recommend Home Care Delivered.

I currently use CCSmed, since it’s the only one I found that accepts my current insurance. I previously used Byram and liked their website and interaction better. But they don’t process for my plan.

Do you have a search tool for ins plan to check for providers?

What problems did you have with CCSmed?

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I’ve used CCS medical in Clearwater, Florida for years and never had any major complaints. I don’t recall who recommended CCS medical but I lived in Florida for 46 years so maybe that’s why when I started on the Pump and Dexcom.Three years ago I moved to Tiburon, California just north of San Francisco and remained with CCS medical. Still no problems with them and now I am on the West Coast. I find them easy to work with and very prompt with my orders.

When I made the switch to Tandem, I had to use a supplier, I could no longer get my pump supplies from the pump company. So I went with Edgepark. I never had problems. I found it very easy because I did everything online.
When I switched to my new Tandem, they gave me another supplier Pumps It in Texas. No problems, I get a reminder email, I reply and since everything is always the same, it’s been very easy.
And of course, I went to do my order and got no response. Finally called and was told that they haven’t renewed their license for CA and NC? Really? So it was their sister company Pinnacle. I was told, I just needed to call and everything would be there. Of course as it always is with insurance anything, I called and nothing was there. Nothing!!! So all paperwork, all doctor notes and prescriptions, all my medical info etc. and here I am 3 weeks later, still waiting. Thank goodness I am a hoarder!!!
I hate whenever insurance comes up. People just hate the idea of going to universal insurance but wow, I have “good” coverage. But my “good” coverage is still nightmare! Every time I have to call about anything, it is hours and hours of fighting and follow ups etc.

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I get my pump supplies directly from tandem. I get my sensors from Byram. I’ve never had a problem with either one

After bouncing around between suppliers for over 20 years I have come to a few conclusions: Never use any supply company based in Florida. Never use a company based around Horsham PA. Byram has offered the best service over the past 3 years. Peter 18

I’ve tried Edgepark and Solara over the years and had trouble with both. People on the phone telling me things that were flat out wrong etc. I recently started with Edwards and so far they are great. If you call them ask for the diabetes supply specialist. Only downside with Edwards is everything is done over the phone, no auto refills.

Settle on the IQ Tandem pump and told the Doctor I would rather not have CCS Medical as my supplier for the pump and supplies. Now I get a call from CCS telling me they will be handling the purchase of the new pump and supplies. They said it was setup by the doctor office. Since it was on Friday and the doctor office is closed and no chance to asked which person in the office to whom did they talked to. Now I have to try to reach Byram to see if they can take it over before CCS gets it thru Medicare & my supplement. Had CCS for five years and just didn’t like there customer service and drag out delivery.
If you had and still have Byram as a supplier let me know and a way to get them as supplier before the CCS deal goes thru.


I use CCSmed, and agree not the best, but only one i found that accepts my insurance.
Try getting a supervisor at CCS and ask to cancel the order. If successful, then have doctor resend RX orders to Byram.
But this may delay your actual pump start, waiting for Byram to get order, unless you already have account there.

Or take delivery from CCSmed for pump and first supply, then switch to Byram for next order.

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