Recommendations for Medicare DME supplier

I’ve just switched onto Medicare and dealing with prescription renewals has been no fun. Does anyone have a supplier for Tandem sets/cartridges that they like? I’m currently using Byram Healthcare and they’re driving me nuts.



Not on medicare, but use CCS Medical for Tandem supplies.
Its working well now, but did have some issues getting pump itself. I also used them for dexcom G6, but my plan now allows pharmacy coverage so get them locally.

Part of my issues with Tandem initial order was probably impacted by COVID last year, resulting in long wait times, dropped calls, no callbacks, getting insurance approvals, etc. But now orders come every 90 days, with email notification a few days before shipment.

Edwards was another option I checked, but my insurance did not include them.

I used Byram many years ago, and they were great. But have heard others report issues.

I am on with Byram now, but not yet received a shipment, I stay on auto order so I’m hoping everything will just come on schedule.

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I use Solara and they are mostly okay. If I were starting from scratch, I would check out US Med and Edwards. I hear very few complaints about those companies. In general your first order on Medicare can be a PITA but after that it mostly goes okay.

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I just started using Wellstart about 6 months ago. So far, so good.

Edwards or CCS

Hi Maurie:

I use CCS for my Tandem cartridges & infusion sets. They were a little shaky starting out, but have developed into a reliable supplier.

Dexcom supplies are from USMED, which has been a reliable resource.

Thank you all for the suggestions.