Tandem pump supply requirement?

I told Tandem that I use Edgepark for my pump and Dex supplies. I got an email from CCS Medical saying they are the preffered supplier for Tandem.
My BCBS prefers Edgepark. And so do I since I have no problem with them and have no clue about CCS Medical.
Has this happened to anyone else here?

If your insurance accepts both companies as in-network, then try calling each company, or check their websites to see which you prefer.

I use CCSmed as it was the only place I found that accepts my insurance. But every call, i am on hold a long time. Fortunately after 2 years, no need to call often, and have auto-ship with email notification.

I called BCBS, my secondary after Medicare, and they still have Edgepark as preferred. Edgepark does supply Tandem pump supplies. I called them too.
I have sent a sharp email to my local Tandem rep. I have no contact for the CA one who did this. Tho I have an 800 #.
BCBS told me I do not have to accept a supplier I don’t want to. They pay what Medicare doesn’t. Which is why I skipped over Medicare to go to them.

The one problem I have with Edgepark is that with online orders I never get an option for IV prep so I have to talk with them but it goes quickly. If it were only the syringes/tubing then it could be online. Thanks.

Whew. Sorry to jump the gun here. I have now talked with a different Tandem person and she said she would change my supplier to Edgepark. When she implied that I should have mentioned it before, I told her I told the guy at least 4 times and maybe more like 6 that I use Edgepark for both Dex and pump. How much plainer could I make it? And that I am happy with them. I hope this is not a portent of things to come.
Oh, in my first conversation with the guy, he did say that they have a plenty supply of the XC insertions and he agreed that what I heard about the “90” one being hard to release by some folks was true. Those are not the correct complete names but you know what I mean. Thanks.

New problem in getting pump. Edgepark won’t supply Medicare sourced pumps. Tandem requires a third party purchase the pump and rent it to me thru Medicare. Edgepark refuses to do the Medicare rentals. My local Tandem rep says back to CCS for the pump and then Edgepark for supplies. This is organizational and human insanity plus deliberate harassment of people with diabetes.
My 2 cents. Who knows when this whole mess will be resolved. My rep blames it on insurance but I blame it on both insurance and the pump companies. My vent. No comments necessary. It’s Monday!

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I had the same issue. I just called Tandem and told them to send to Edgepark. They can do this as a customer preference. All of my stuff now comes from Edgepark.

My initial issue with CCSmed in 2021 was likely more related to COVID disruptions, people working from home, missed messages etc.

My shipments since then have been fine.

Tandem had identified CCSMed as the only supplier accepting my insurance, although there may be others now.