Who is your Medicare Part B supplier of Insets and cartridges for Insulin pumps?

I know that this has been discussed numerous times, but I’m at my wits end dealing with CCS Medical for pump supplies and am interested in finding another supplier who deals with Medicare Part B.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


What brand of pump do you use? I use a Medtronic pump and they supply my Medicare Part B infusion sets and cartridges. Good luck with this.


Is CCS Medical your Medicare Part supplier for infusion sets?

I use an Animas Ping pump.

No, I get my Part B sets directly from Medtronic. When I used an Animas Ping pump, I did get my supplies from CCS. It’s been a few years since I’ve done business with them but I found them to be fairly reliable with a minimum of bureaucratic nonsense.

I know the trouble you refer to, though, as I’ve dealt with various pharmacy benefit mangers over many years. Incompetence, poor communication and poor training seem to plague this service sector.

It’s been a personal challenge for me to hone my patience when I deal with them. I try to keep myself from becoming emotionally engaged and I often failed. I’m better at it now. One thing I’ve found that helps is to aways order more supplies than I actually need so that I don’t have to deal with them as often and I’m not facing an absolute outage when I’m on the phone with them.

Could you try Sterling Medical / McKesson ?
(Same company now)


I looked at Sterling’s website. They carried only a few supplies for the Ping pump. There was no indication that they they were a Medicare supplier.

You may want to call them.

They do carry Animas supplies and they do work with Medicare.

Their customer service is better than their website. Kinda depends on how you prefer to work. If you primarily prefer to handle your supplied via a website you might do better with a different distributor. If you prefer to operate more via phone, you might like them.

Thanks for the info.

Byram, but frankly they are all pretty much the same. the issue is that there is so little money in the supply market all providers are having issues and most are barely in business these days