Tallygear Case for Dex G4

In another post, Lorraine mentioned that Tallygear has come out with a custom case for the G4. I received mine earlier this week and really like it. This is a copy of my post on another site about this case:

"Tallygear has designed a case especially for the Dex G4. It comes in 68 different colors/patterns. I swore that I wasn’t going to try any more cases for my G4, but I did order one of these. It ends up being about $20 by the time you get the 10% discount advertised and then pay for shipping.

I promised an update when I received mine. I’ve used it a few days and really like it. The case fits really well without being too bulky. The material is soft. It helps keep the Dex from falling out of my pocket, but it’s still easy to pull the Dex out with no static. Right now I’ve got it in my pocket without the carabiner clip and lanyard. Yesterday while hiking I used the carabiner clip to keep it on my belt loop. I don’t know if I’ll use the lanyard but it is nice looking. This is the link:


Kerri reviewed the case yesterday at: http://www.sixuntilme.com/
She likes it as much as I do."

I ordered one after reading her review. Have been looking for something because I was afraid I was going to drop it. I ordered the case without the waist strap but didn't know if the carabiner clip and lanyard would still be on it or not. How did you order yours?

The carabiner clip and lanyard are standard so you will get those.

This looks great. The Dexcom people did tell me they are looking into new cases, including the gels, but who knows how long that will take. Thanks for the post, this looks like a great option.

Totally agree with Lathump's review... I LOVE mine. I expect I'll keep it tucked in my pocket but with the carabiner on a beltloop for security. The syringe in the pic below is just to show the belt loop ;)![|320x240](upload://61okhaQZQR0T1xXDGhYSdDVm9zu.jpeg)

Does anyone have the Tallygear web belt? If so, how wide is it? I see no info about it on the site re color or width. And for us overweights, it is a bit constrained in sizes offered! But, would like to try it if I a can get more info, especially re width. Don't need a 2 or 3 inch width on it. Thanks. I kind of hate to start a new thread just for this question.

Donna has made custom ones for me, so email her, tell her what you want/need. She's been really happy to do 'special' things ;)

Thanks. I don't know Donna but sent an email on the site contact area. I will see what response I get. Tx again.