LOOP ... cutting your insulin in half?

I have an upcoming colonoscopy (although with Covid19 I’m going to reschedule for later this summer) and my endo said during prep and day of, just cut the insulin in HALF.

How would I do that in LOOP?

I don’t want to argue with your docs orders, but for ME, I would get high if I changed basal to 50% for a procedure. Just the fact that I skip breakfast and the bolus for it causes me to run higher (like every time I get a fasting blood test, or surgery). Furthermore, the stress of any type of surgery raises my bg’s, be it a full knee replacement or a TURP.

I might add, I run it slightly lower for an hour or two if I see it getting to 100, but if it goes up above 120 I set it to 100% if it isn’t already there and even give a TINY bolus if it’s creeping up. I have never ever gotten low for any of the countless procedures I’ve had.

I think he was just thinking that since I would have no real food in me except clear liquids and sugar free ones at that, that my needs should be a lot less.

That depends on how your overnights usually are. If you tend to not eat much in the evening and also are typically under 110 in the AM, then it might be worth it to cut back some for piece of mind, if nothing else. Procedures are so much easier to deal with when on a CGM! :slight_smile:

When I had a minor surgery recently I set my temp basal at 60%. These are guidelines so everyone might use a different % based on control and BS just before leaving for the procedure. I also check my BS just before they give me the sleep juice.

Me too. For one of my surgeries my g5 reading was uncharacteristically inaccurate so I’m glad I checked on a meter

Why not just let Loop keep you in range ?

I find my glucose much easier to control when I fast. As long as your basal rates are well set, I think Loop will manage well. Of course you’ll need to make sure your site is absorbing well.

Almost all doctors are hyper-phobic about hypoglycemia. I don’t trust fear-based insulin advice.

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I don’t know about “cut in half”. That sounds like it might be OK for someone on 70/30 NPH/Regular but doesn’t sound like a plan for someone using a pump.

Now only doing basal with no bolus, that sounds appropriate may happen to be close overall TDD to “cut in half”.

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