Lost my Pod!

Omnipod sent me a replacement pod and asked that I return the failed screamer. They sent packing materials and instructions to return the pod I reported. Whoops! Can not find the former screamer to send back. Is this a big deal? Does OP send out a missing pod goon squad or can I just relax?


I've heard there are heavily muscled men who will come to your home or place of work and stare you down til you admit to your mistakes. In lieu of pods, I think they take fingers, but I could be mistaken.

Lol I've never lost the screamer, but I doubt anything bad will happen. They will probably call you or send you a letter or something? Maybe just call them pre-emptively? I'm sure this has happened to someone here.

you play the innocent. what do you mean you never got it? I mailed it out, could it of gotten lost? LOL,


I got a replacement and they still have not sent me a package to send it back to them and that was last month.

I can send you my red bag and bubble wrap! LOL!

I was wondering the same thing, I have two screamers to return and I've lost the return kit, can't find any part of it, bubble pack, red bag, box......nothing:)

Oh I love bubble wrap. snap,snap,snap, my dog does not like it that much however. LOL

guess you already sent it off rivey. LOL (bows head in shame, I am sooooo bad) LOL

I haul them to work and throw them in the Fedex pile myself. I think my kids might have used the box for starter fuel for the fire pit and threw the rest of the stuff away. I've trained them that any cardboard on the kitchen table can be used in the pit(the one time my son listened to me:) Oh well, waiting for the black pod shaped helicopters and stormtroopers the talk in high pitched screams to show up.......

Help, I have fallen down laughing that I can't get up. To @#$# funny.

I haven’t sent them back a couple times and so far no ones contacted me… Don’t worry about it :slight_smile: