Screamers and thinking you are crazy!

So I had my first screamer today, and really couldn`t figure out where the sound was coming from.
I had to do a pod change and my pod was on my leg and so i decided to put the new one on and then go and change it in the bathroom.( really I dont think my co-workers want to see me with my pants down) only I got distracted and forgot it was there. so alllllll afternoon I listened to it scream and kept checking my PDM, putting my ear to my new pod and going "where in the world is that sound coming from"

I only figred it out 5 hours later! go me! lol

anyway I couldn`t get it to stop screaming so I stuffed it in my freeezer for now.

anyone else have a story like this so I don`t feel like a complete idiot?

You could have stopped it with the PDM. How did you put on a new one without stopping the old one?? I'm confused.

it ran out of insulin and stoped on it's was not active. Like I said I did a pod change and just forgot to rip off the first one as it was on my leg under pants.

lol is right, jacob has had a few screamers there is a way to deact. it i believe but we ussually just put them out on the deck or let jacob throw it around till it stops! yup getting out his D anger!! he had his first screamer at school the other day and he wasnt sure it was him at first luckily he was at lunch, he walked into the nurses office and everyone looked at him like he was nuts, the nurse called me to see what to do to make it stop, kind of funny ( not) that her concern was the noise, not what is bs was or did he get his appropriate bolus! i was a wreck but he came home fine and handled it with more grace and humer than i expected in this situation. you could cause quite a stir if it ever happens at work take it off and leave it in the ladies room bathroom trash, and see how long it takes for the fire dept to get there to investigate! i'm obviously tired, just glad you can laugh at yourself! better day tomorrow! amy

No. I have had to stuff mine in the fridge. I have also had to pry off the back to get the batteries out because once it unthaws it starts screaming again. Mine did anyways. Though you could confuse the garbage truck guy with it. LOL

Actually you can't always stop it with the PDM. I was even told this by OmniPod. Sometimes if the pod malfunctions and this happens. Mine was a pod malfunction.

LOL well if you can`t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Lol well no it would be the fedex guy as I recycle them with that plan they have

I love it when I forget where my pod is... that is until I find it unwittingly. Usually by whacking it on a door frame or tablet edge. Yuck!


I walked all around my office one day asking people where that high-pitched sound was coming from before I realized it was coming from me!

Glad I am not the only one this has happened to! I really thought I was going crazy or going deaf. I ended up putting my ipod on to block out the sound and then when I got home I was really like it has to be me, but my pod (the new one) is not making sound.... then I was like OH my leg! lol classic DUH moment!

If I got a pod that screams, but won't shut off with the pdm, I pry the pod apart (at the seam between the clear and the white part). Under the white cover are 2 springs on the battery side. They make contact with the ring on the white cover. That should stop the screaming. On one I had to remove the springs to get it to stop. Fortunately, I have not had any screamers since August 2.

Yeah I have problems getting it open myself.

I had a screamer not too long ago, it stopped when it met Mr.Size 13 heel of my right shoe:)

Anyways the website is being strange, but OmniPod has a recycling program for old pods? I did not know that. Where would I find more information about this?


if the site does not work you can just go to and click on customer care, you will see it

and in Canada

I had my first screamer last week. I was on a cruise and in my room changing my pod and it started to scream. It was in the morning and I didn't want to leave it screaming for my cabin steward to find when he cleans the room. Luckily I had a balcony room so that one ended up in the Carribean Sea with the fish. I brought 4 pods with me so didn't have any issues after that.