Low Blood Sugar Monster: I DESTROY YOUR HOME RAWR

I’m thinking I need to rethink everything I own, so that Low Carly Monster doesn’t destroy everything.

Over the past week I have broken two valuable items while low (and yes, I’ve been adjusting my basal accordingly).

Item 1: my Burberry glasses.

I can’t really afford anything with a name, so when my mom (thinking that I should look like a professional rather than the grungy grad student I am) bought me these frames I was very thankful. Fast forward to last week, when I bent them out of shape due to an unintentional sleight of hand gone wrong. I carefully repositioned them, only one hinge was affected, and thought everything was fine…until a few days later, low, groggy Carly picked them up from the night stand and plowed them directly into a big, metal fan next to her bed, right where the weakened metal hinge was most tenuous. Twang! There go the glasses. One of the metal bars from the fan basically cut right through the glasses hinge.

There goes Victim 1.

Item 2: My netbook

Last night I was staying up late writing a paper, when suddenly the low bloodsugar hit me like a ton of bricks. You know the feeling. One minute you’re fine, the next, bring on the sugarrrrr! So, I close the netbook, and clumsily attempt a getting-out-of-bed-while-simultaneously-putting-the-net-book-down maneuver. In a motion that I think might only be described as “graceful”, I somehow manage to stumble out from under my covers while holding on to the netbook, place the netbook on the ground, and then stabilize myself by placing my foot on the netbook (?). I heard a crack, and, well, the screen is ruined. I can see about half of what I am supposed to, and thankfully my paper wasn’t destroyed, but after having it for less than two months, I’m not sure I got the full money’s worth.

And there we have Victim 2.

So I basically have two plans I’m considering, should the monster reappear.

Plan 1: buy Fisher Price everything. If a two year old can’t break it, it stands a much better chance of surviving. Do you think they make external hard drives?

Plan 2: Remove everything that costs more than 100 dollars, or has a sentimental value. It’s low-bloodsuger-inspired minimalism…sounds…exciting…like all minimalism.

So, anyone else have victims of the Low Bloodsugar?

Fisher Price belongings–too funny! Am picturing a primary colored big soft hard drive.

Not of value, but I’ve learned not to drink from glass while low. Crash, shatter. I need a Fisher Price sippy cup.

I lost an expensive pair of reading glasses while in the throes of a low, though in a different way than yours. Too stupid to admit to, but here goes. I took them off while outside & put them on the trunk of my car. Yea, real bright, but I was low. Of course, I drove off later forgetting they were there. I can’t afford to replace them, so I now have cheapo non-prescription ugly drugstore glasses.

My Forehead, not much value wise but precious to me,
I had a low a few hours before lunch at work, which was odd since i ate a decent breakfast, so i didnt have my snacks out like usual. So i had to reach under my desk for my backpack where i keep all the goodies. WHAM!! head right off the end of the desk. as insult to injury i hit the back of my head sitting up. Ice pack was needed. Now snacks stay on the desk everyday and backpack stays next to desk, :slight_smile: