Low blood sugar while getting a massage

My wife is T2. She was getting a massage this evening and had a low BG episode. She is not insulin dependent. The employees at the salon said it was not unusual for a diabetic to have this happen. We have never heard that before. Has anyone else heard of such a thing?

I am a certified massage therapist (which I only practiced for about 2 months before my wrists gave out).
Going low sometimes happened with T1's if you went over the most recent injection site because the insulin, which is injected just below the skin, gets into the blood stream much faster.
I have never heard of this happening with T2. Could it be that the therapist (as do many) did not know the difference?

Thanks for the reply. It was her first (and last) time at this salon. The therapist didn’t exactly instill confidence in her.

I happens to me Dave, even before I was diagnosed and just had reactive hypoglycemia massages always sent me a bit low. They still do so I assume it will happen and eat a few carbs ahead of time or afterwards before I drive home.

Went to massage school myself, a long time ago.

While low blood sugar can always/anytime be a problem, its not caused by the massage per se. Unless your wife injects her insulin? Aside from problems caused by massaging someone's absorption site (eg increasing rapid absorption), general neuropathy, or infections... I can't think of any reason that massage for any diabetic would ever be a problem either...

Lows happen. Not the massage typically causing them I'd offer. There was a study as to the BENEFITS of massage for diabetics specifically.


I spoke with the author, nice woman. Liked what she was examining/exploring at the time. Massage is a wonderful thing, do not be afraid. If she can find someone who is a TEACHER of it, they are even better...

Sounds like a new type of massage RHM "Reactive Hypoglycemia Massage" -wg-.

Unless they have medical massage training, and/or have real experience with diabetes/massage, its an easy mistake to make, plus is an easy and @)#@*#@_(#& silly blanket statement. Sigh...

Haha I guess so, I’m not saying it’s a problem, I go often for neck problems and maybe it’s just a coincidence that I go a little low. Just sharing my experience!

Appreciate it!!!

It would be an incredible technique though, just think if a little massage, some special technique to the right muscles, nerves... poof, a 50 point drop. Would be a beautiful thing...

P.S. You testing after the massage, or just getting a tiny but shaky-woozy and treating from that?

My wife thanks everyone for responding. I’m sure it will be on her mind if she goes again. Somewhere else.

Let me play devils advocate. Could increased blood flow make medication absorb more rapidly?

That was established and known fact (A.B.M.P. & A.M.T.A. protocol)... and very contraindicated even twenty years ago (e.g. Not supposed to massage the injection/infusion site directly).

Wait a min, your NOT supposed to rub or you ARE supposed to rub? If you want faster absorption you rub, or exercise? If you want slower absorption, then you don't. Is that what your saying? I never rub, but I've heard people discussing it in the forum lately and I've been investigating the crazy unpredictable effects of exercise. Whats the effect on absorption?

The person performing the massage technique(s) are NEVER supposed to massage the specific part where insulin was recently injected.