how does this effect bloodsugars and for how long ?? what preperation would I need to do before hand and or after??

Massages bring down my BG, so I have a really light snack before I go. Lowered BG for me following a massage lasts for hours. Don’t know how long your massage will be (mine is 1.5 hours), but the first few times I tested about haflway through to see how it would effect me. Not fun to do this when I was feeling so relaxed & about to drift away.

Don’t eat a meal for several hours before & don’t inject right before a massage because it will get the insulin into your system faster. Drink water immediately after.

As a massothrapist and a diabetic ;massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Massage activates muscles without exhausting nerves and removes toxins out of the cells. Resulting in better use of BG. More insulin receptor in the muscle are “opened”. Like exercise you need to monitor your sugar. I ussually offer my client’s a lite snack after. Always drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out the toxins.

Before insulin and drugs Dr Kellogg treat diabetes with diet ,massage ,and hydrotherapy. Many of these patient lived long lives after other doctors gave up on them.