Massage affecting blood sugar?

I’m going for a massage for the first time in my life on Sunday. I’ve heard that having a massage can affect blood sugar. Does anyone know if this is true? It’s not going to be a long one (probably only half an hour, as it’s the first appointment so part of it will be getting medical history and finding out what I need), but I’d like to know what to expect! Also. I’m wearing a sensor on my stomach, so am hoping it doesn’t cut out if I’m lying that way, but it probably will. :worried:

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I have T1D and love massages. I wear CGM sensor on stomach and don’t have any problems. I’m a new T1D so I’d love to hear responses from others but so far massages have not negatively affected my sugar levels. I still in honeymoon phase so that might make a difference. Il’l follow this for learning!

i get sports massages from a physiotherapist and have t1. i have never had any massive fluctuations from them. earlier in the year i was getting them for an injury in my leg, and they were sometimes…uncomfortable. yesterday i got a regular normal, once a month jammy on my legs after a mountain race and it was heaven.
i hope you are getting an enjoyable one.:smiley:

I think it depends on the kind of massage you’re having. I had 2 hypos out of let’s say 10 massages… The second one (recent one) surely happened because 1) didn’t eat for quite some time before 2) it was REALLY intense one - I have back problems and I went to therapeutic massage… your muscles actually work there and I assume use glucose, too…
But I think the short ones (30 min) shouldn’t be as much of a problem, just in case check your levels beforehand and also right after the massage (and this goes without saying: have some fast acting carbs on hand…)

EDIT: somehow missed you’re wearing a sensor, but still…

The physiotherapist who recommended it told me that the type I need will probably be painful. :slight_smile: But, since I’ve never had one in my life, I might ask that this first one be enjoyable and then I can go next week for the painful type!!

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My wife is type 2. I got her a massage for Christmas two years ago because she loves them. But we think she ended up with a deep tissue massage which she didn’t want. She ended up throwing up before the massage was even half done. They blamed it on her being diabetic.

I’m an insulin-using Type 2. I’ve had my BG dip mildly low (mid70s) a few times during deep tissue massage, especially 90 minute sessions. My therapist also worked in some stretching as well, so in a way it was a kind of work out. I always take glucose tabs with me, get up from the table slowly, and test before doing much more than getting my clothes back on just in case.

Attended massage school many years ago. Yes massage CAN effect blood sugar.
The fundamental issue is site/absorption.

Eat/drink a little (emphasis little) more before going… hold off the injection/bolus until after your massage. A whole bunch of ways to play this game. If you were going to spend an hour on the stepper machine for example, you would never inject or choose your legs to attach your pump/inject into before hand right? Same idea with massage technique.

Massage, even the most superficial massages muscles, moves fluids, lymph. So the closer your last injection/bolus, that insulin might, MIGHT be in the tissue in that region of the body… maybe. Test like always before you go in for one. Some people like to add a extra small buffer to whatever their target BG usually is… and if the impossible does happen, golly gee, im back to my normal target and been massaged too!

You’re gonna like it a lot…

I never had a problem either in massage school, or receiving massage of any kind, save when I did a foolish thing once but was my mistake, not theirs.

Differing kinds of massage techniques most will get you addicted.

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KCsHubby Dave

They were wrong about the blame. Guess they were asleep during that week of their training. Sheeesh…

There was a woman with the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) who was doing good work with diabetes and massage. Let me see if I can find that file…

She was an neat woman.

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Tell you what… if you want to give up your massage let us know.

I’m sure one of us would take your place and “suffer” for ya :smile:

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