Low Calorie Foods

Today I have decided to watch calories as well as carbs and fat. I feel overwhelmed but will do it. Oddly, for me, I haven’t had to focus on calories and fat because I am a healthy eater. I make things like quinoa and LOVE them. Now with a system running more optimally I guess I need to watch. So, breakfast was 1/2 bagel thin, sliced tomato and turkey, coffee and water. I dropped creamer and now opt for fat free evap. skim milk and splenda. Don’t get me wrong…I not a tremendously over-weight person but can see how fast the weight goes on and it is scaring me. If I get on the scale tomorrow and see it go up more I will not be none too happy. So, I’m getting ready to exercise. I really like Chris Freytag’s walking workout on Exercise TV but am not going to do it today because I’ve pulled a muscle in my back. So…will probably do a Leslie Sansone walking workout without weights. She is terrific. Lost most of my weight before with her in the privacy of my own home. I am healthy. I guess Diabetes has made me more mindful of my health. So, here is to a new day, a beautiful day and more looking at labels for calories, fat and carbs. What is on your plate for the day? Life IS good.