Low carb/dairy free recipes share

Just thought I’d share a recent resource I’ve come across in regards to recipes for low carb and no dairy!

I was gifted this book recently (thanks mum!) and it’s come to be my go to for giving me different meal ideas, my standards I’ve just gotten so bored with. Nothing too wild in the ingredients lists either which is nice-something I find vegan cook books (because dairy ain’t my friend) have aplenty.

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Hi Sweetsarah,

I don’t have the same restrictions as you. But in addition to a specific cookbook, I think I would try a more general approach. If you Google “keto” and any specific food, you will likely find recipes for a ketogenic (low carb) version of that food. Now do the same for “dairy-free” for the same food. After a while you will likely learn what typical substitutions are (including from the book you recommend.) Hopefully you can combine the best of both in a modified recipe. Of course, the more restriction you put on ingredients, the more you are going to run into foods for which all substitutions are not possible. Hopefully what remains is a suitable variety of recipes that meet both restrictions.

I often use YouTube instead of Google, so I can see how these special foods are prepared.

Download the Nom Nom Paleo app to your device—great recipes and demos by Michelle Tam (and family!). She includes Whole 30 recipes—low carb, no dairy—and lots of fun stuff. Definitely worth the $5 cost. Happy eating!

Thanks for your replies and suggestions
I’ve been eating this way for years already, but it’s just nice to have some pretty pictures and something to flip through without getting egg on the phone as you cook :grin:
Just thought I’d share for those in the same boat as me who like the books!