Low Carb Naruto Style Sushi Rolls

This sushi can be made very low carb and you can make many variants. Usually it is made with thick cucumber sheets to surround the sushi as a replacement for rice. What I like however to do is slice the cucumber in thin sheets and make a generous inside to the roll and then use nori (seaweed) to make what looks like a normal hand role. My rolls come out looking more like below

Naruto Style Sushi

High quality fresh fish (I used salmon last night)
Nori (seaweed)
English or hot house cucumber
Cream cheese or avocado
Green onion
Pickled Ginger

Slice fish across the grain into 1/2 to 3/4 inch high slices 1/4 in thich. The strips can be up to 6 inches long, shorter is ok. Take veggie peeler and peel the cucumber. Than again use the veggie peeler to peel thin strips off the cucumber. Rotate it 90 degress every few peels and you will soon have a square cucumber. Keep peeling until you reach the core of the cucumber, discard the core.

Place a sheet of nori on the sushi mat. Place slices of cucumber on the side of the nori facing you overlapping the slices to achieve the desired thickness of cucumber. Cucumber should reach 1/3 to 1/2 the way up the nori. Lay fish, onion, and cream cheese/avocado into the leading edge of the nori, only enough to make a roll about 1 inch thick. Wet the far edge of the nori with water. Then using the mat roll up the sushi into a roll. I use cream cheese or avocado as it enables the roll to be made into a compact roll that holds it’s shape without the rice. Set roll aside and make more rolls. Once all rolls are set take a sharp knife with a wet blade and cut the rolls into 6 individual pieces. Arrange on a plate and serve with pickled ginger and wasabe. There are infinite varieties of naruto sushi you can make.


All I can say is WOW. You’ve made my day. :sunglasses:

WOW @Brian_BSC. Now I want sushi for dinner.

What are in the 2nd ones? I fear I’m not a huge fan of cucumber if it hasn’t been pickled, but those look delish! Is that mango or cantaloupe?

Pickled daikon would be my guess.

That would make FAR more sense, especially more sense than mango. For some reason I had it in my head that daikon was white or green. I suppose it’s one of those things that comes in quite the variety of colors though.

Actually the second one is an example of the net with shrimp, mango, avocado and carrots. I generally don’t eat fruit, but I would put daikon in it.

And if you don’t like cucumber you can skip it but having something, even if it is zucchini will help the sushi stay together, the nori doesn’t have much structural strength.

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