Sushi - no carb!

Just a suggestion,

I can make sushi at home, and skip out on the rice. I LOVE the seaweed flavour with fish. In my area, the sushi seaweed paper is easy to buy at a local or Asian grocery store. For a filling, you can buy various seafood, or vegetables like cucumber and radishes, and to chop them into fine threads. Enoki mushrooms are also a fun idea.

Try my favourite: smoked salmon and light cream cheese with avocado. Mmm! I also have sesame seeds and soya sauce at home too, which go well on the sushi.

To prepare your sushi, it is simplest to make hand rolls. There are variations on how you can fold your seaweed paper to make your hand rolls, but what I usually do is fold it into a smaller triangle, lay my fillings along an unfolded line, and roll it into a cone. Then pour over some soya sauce, and devour.

Hope this tip helps if you love sushi and hate the carbs!
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