Low carb popcorn?

Does it exist? I’ve heard there’s cauliflower popcorn, but the time I tried it, it turned out soft (and burnt). Any recipes to share?


Yes, low-carb popcorn would be welcomed here, as popcorn is my all-time favorite food. I rarely go more than a day without it.


I indulge in a big bowl of popcorn on whatever day I have a checkup and a new A1c…Good, bad or, the same. Lots of butter. I call it lunch and work off the carbs with a long walk on top of my normal workout. So far that has kept my numbers from spiking into the danger zone…Popcorn needs an occasional exemption from Bernstein on special occasions…


These are the three I came across. I have not tried any but the reviews are promising!!! The “caramel” one has me intrigued…Movie time! Mmmmmmm…

@Jen was this the recipe you tried?

I haven’t tried it. I occasionally have regular popcorn, but never a large quantity

My personal opinion is that popcorn is one of God’s little practical jokes. If you’re not diabetic, the hulls get stuck in your teeth. Highly annoying. If you are diabetic, it plays merry games with your blood sugar. Even more annoying. And he/she was careful to make it completely irresistable so you’d have to eat it. What a joker.

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Ditto. lol. Although I have switched from the “old-fashioned” method of oil in a pan and popping it that way, to a pretty cool “bowl” (here) that you just put seeds in and if you want to add a tsp of oil you can, but you don’t need too. I do add just a bit of olive oil to make the popcorn hold the white cheddar that I cover it with after it’s popped.) Healthier and very good.

Because it’s a good source of fiber and whole grain I let my son have it as a snack or supplement to a meal and just bolus as normal. He’s obsessed with popcorn too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why avoid the oil? Just use olive oil, an integral and healthy part of a LCHF diet.

Because the bowl isn’t made to use oil…except a tiny amount. I do use Olive oil, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll just have to get me one of them bowls! (Fewer dirty dishes = happier Rose.)

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