After being diagnosed, I immediately started having a lot of lows. My doctors said it was because I was still in the “honeymoon” stage and my pancreas was still fighting its end. I ended up with hypoglocemic unawareness though. Anyways, now I am getting better but the only way I ever notice that I am getting low is because of my behavior. I don’t have any of the physical symptoms I should have until I am around 35, but my emotions start going hay wire the second I drop.

The point to this is that I have some very funny stories about my lows. For instance, I was so low one time that I threw tomatoes and potatos in my pool to see if they would float. Then I began balling because my mom laughed at me. I also have been known to giggle until I cry because my stomach hurts, and I become a bit too open about my feelings. I have had some pretty embarrassing moments returning to the dentist after I told him he was very attractive.

So, I kinda would like to know if anyone else has had any funny or embarrassing lows. Please tell me about them. I would love knowing I am not the only one who gets a tad crazy!


About 14 years ago we were vacationing. We had rented a small cabin by a pond. There were plenty of people around. I got up and got dressed. I put my bra and underwear on over my jeans and t-shirt. Thank goodness my husband was there and didn’t let me leave the cabin until my bloodsugar was back to normal and my clothes were on in the correct order. He sure did give me a funny look when he first saw me.

Just last week I was playing ball. I found myself throwing up wacky hook shots and fouling the other guys for no good reason. I usually play pretty straightforward so everyone is looking at me like I’m crazy.

I wasn’t crazy…I was 51… “yeah…I’m gonna sit this next one out coach!”

I was out for lunch with my sister in law to be and one of her bridesmaids after doing some of her wedding stuff. I was looking at her bridesmaid Marta across the table and smiling. Then I started complementing her and saying “Marta you are so beautiful!!” then I started looking through my purse, grabbing the menu, looking through my purse grabbing the menu. Again I started complementing Marta, the look in her eyes was like…what the hell is going on, is she gay and picking me up. Anyway my sister in law helped me out and got me a regular pop, man a felt like ■■■■ after. I was at 2.5 (45).

I’m always saying wacky things or doing wacky things, that is when my bf knows I’m having a low. I wish he could video tape me one day, I would love to see it. Like the time I started balling cause I didn’t want to treat my low and he was forcing me too.