Macular edema?

Has anyone experienced macular edema? If so –what were you able to do to mitigate the blurriness?

P.S. I have already seen a retinal specialist twice. I may get a corticosteroid injection in January.

Patience. It takes awhile to go away. I had macular edema at the same time as proliferative retinopathy, so things were a real mess.
I still on occasion have one area of my visual field that will swell. FOrtunately it is over to the side. It looks like a smudge on glass. It come, and then goes in a few days.
When my entire retina was swollen I think it got better in a few months. Mine was treated with laser first. He said if the laser didn’t work, then I’d get the steroid injection, which never came to pass.
Good luck.

I had retinal edema when I was diagnosed. It took about 8 weeks to correct itself. I used reading glasses from the store to see close up. Now I’m nearsided again but notice when I’m high I can still get a little blurring.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with macular edema. Yes, patience is a virtue in this case ‘)

Hi Allie, I am sorry that you are troubled again. I wish you all the best and hope you keep up the good spirit.