I’m mad at this disease today.

We bought strawberries at the farmers market yesterday. I can only get them for a couple more weeks, then it’s back to the relatively tasteless grocery store ones. But I can’t eat them. Maybe in a hour, I’ll check my sugars, and I’ll be able to. But I’m already higher than I like to go and so I have to wait.

I know it’s my fault. We had my birthday party yesterday, a week early. And I had some leftover cake, and hey, it’s my birthday cake, right? So I’ve been nibbling. Small doses, but I’ve been to the fridge a couple times for them.

I know there’s stuff I could eat. I could pull out some carrots, chop up some broccoli, make a salad. All those good, low carb ‘free’ snacks we can eat a ton of.

But I don’t want veggies. I want something sweet and tart and -tasty- and that I eat because I like it not because it’s good for me.


I am a mature woman, a week away from 30. I should be able to consider food without feeling like a 5 year old whining for a treat.

I guess I’m mad at me too.


I know exactly how you feel and Ibeing a Type 1, I could bolus for those strawberries, but my outcome after two hours may be good or may be okay, so there are pitfalls of using insulin. With any Type of diabetes, exercise is key especially for Type 2’s. Go for a quick walk and your reward could be your strawberries!!??!!


Happy Early Birthday!!!


I’m fairly new at this and trying to learn all I can but one thing I have learned so far is that I’m only human and I will slip once in a while. Try not to be so hard on yourself, tomorrow is another day. Happy early birthday.


Happy Birthday and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re only human. I do the exact same thing. The strawberries will be there waiting for you alongside the veggies and low carb snacks. One day of nibbling on birthday cake won’t kill you. Thanks for acknowledging your struggles. It makes me feel I am not alone with such feelings.