Made a mistake, hospitalized, now I am not able to keep blood sugar down?

You just need to divide the mg/dl numbers by 18, then you will get mmol/L.

For example, 140/18=7.7 mmol/L.

I’m so glad to see all of you so well-prepared!! :slight_smile: When I’m low, I just go to the sugar canister and start spooning it down! Since I don’t use the sugar for anything else, it’s always there. I can’t say that unadulterated white sugar is all that good-tasting, but it works.

I have been known not to have the presence of mind during a low to see a Coke can or box of juice right in front of me. But the sugar canister is somehow always there. Hey, I’m ready to take on the world with my psychotic pancreas, Type Weird, and sugar canister!!! :slight_smile:

Chef, as the others said, it will probably take you a couple of days to settle down – even if you have a non-working pancreas, your liver is still being creative, even if in a confused way. It will settle down too. And meanwhile, you have another diabetes story to tell, and glad you’re still with us! :slight_smile:

The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago…was worried…till I can across this article (which I’ve posted on my blog)…Hospitalized Diabetics Should Have Higher Than Normal Sugar Levels

I’ve made the same mistake in twice in the past. I know it seems like it should regulate immediately but for some reason it took me a few solid days for things to get back to their normal rhythm. One of those times it took almost a week to straighten out. Fortunately, now I’m on the pump and wont be able to make the mistake for the third time. But I’m sure I’ll figure out something else to goof up given enough time. :slight_smile:

Phew Monsieur Chef - glad you are okay. Like others are saying - give your body time to adjust and you should be back in full swing again. I’ll have to check out your home page to see where you are- and a ha - we are Friends - and you’re an Alberta Beef boy (mmm - I’m now hungry) .

Remember, we use mmol/l so have to divide any numbers Americans use by 18 - and visa versa for them. For the American forums I post in (and I also work for an American firm in Boston that deals with diabetes) - I always have to convert to mg/dl . Keeps my brain active doing this conversion bit with blood sugars, temperatures (celcius-farenheit), Km - miles . I’ll never get dementia - 'cause I’m keeping my brain active all the time :slight_smile:

Maybe your liver is throwing out extra glucose in response to your low in the hospital. It should settle down.

Well folks, a quick update here:
I have gotten back to pretty much normal - except I have been attacked by some nasty super bug (probably given to me by my plague-monkey!) and have been - well, perhaps this is TMI - on the pot for a couple of days with diarrhea!
Now, I am going too low. I just found out it is levemir that is the culprit. I am not eating that much, just liquids - and now I am going constantly low. Perhaps that is why I am dizzy all the time, Here I thought it was the dehydration. Sheesh!