Make sure you didn't leave your insulin in the car

Holy crap, temperature drop outta the blue.
Its freezing cold. This might be a hard freeze tonight.
If you left groceries outside to disinfect, beware.


So a few nights ago I pulled out my short-sleeved nightgown, because it was too hot to sleep. Middle of the night I woke up and put on my fuzzy winter nightgown, because it was too cold to sleep.

Like we don’t have enough problems without the weather going nuts on us???


Record low temperatures, the weather geeks are all excited. Lows dipped into the 20s in 20 states.

I just turned the furnace off 3 days ago. The cold makes all the animals want to get under the blankets. I got out the wooly pijamas, too, @Ruth4, lol. Me and my animals are burrowed into our snuggly den and we aren’t coming out.