Snow and cold everywhere!

Hello from NW Pennsylvania. I can not believe how cold it is (windchill about 0) and how much snow we are still expecting this week. I am going to have to cancel a few appointments due to road conditions, but that is fine because I just want to stay in! I am actually going to make the pharmacy deliver my insulin because I do not want to be cold for any reason. I have actually gotten my husband to start eating healthier. He is trying to enjoy having salad with me for supper each evening and eating apples and pears instead of ice cream. He is better at the exercise thing than I am since he doesn’t mind being outdoors in sub-zero weather. I told him I would only exercise with him if he drove me somewhere I could walk indoors, the nearest place is 20 miles away. He told me to bite my sissy spot and walk outside with him and I told him in absolute terms that I am not risking my fingers and toes just to go for a walk. We both are still laughing about it, but have both lost about 1 pound each since Christmas day with a change in eating habits. Clear roads are my prayer request!