Making mixed nut snack bags

I’m making some snack bags to keep at my office. I rarely get a lunch and need something to keep me going.

Ingredients of the bag will be:
Dried Cranberries (50% less sugar)
Dry roasted peanuts (unsalted)
Cashews (unsalted)

Just need to figure out how much to put in the bag. The snack bags I’m using have marks from 1/4 to 1 cup. Thanks in advance for y’all’s insights.

A normal snack of nuts such as Almonds etc is usually considered to be 1/4 cup which delivers about 190 calories 7G Total carbs, 18 G fats and 7 G protein peanuts and other nuts are roughly the same. I buy my peanuts wholesale in 50 Lb cases to make my own natural peanut butter and peanut butter snacks without any additives. For Almonds, I buy wholesale 25 lbs roasted to make all natural almond butter, and snacks. If interested I can give you the supplier names.

Thanks! I was trying to create something with different flavors. But I like the idea of buying in bulk to make my own healthier choices. I’m trying to get a good supply of on-the-run and go-to snacks.

Take a look at

That is where I buy most of my bulk nuts. They are far less expensive than the wholesale clubs, even when paying for shipping. Let me know of any sources you come up with.

Will do thanks!

Good tip on that site, thanks. Many unsalted choices. How do you store your bulk nuts before you use them?

Thank you for your kind words. I try to always be respectful on this site and very careful not to promote any items or vendors as it could easily lead to being considered spam so will only share information on items that I personally use myself,

For storage, the items show recommended storage on the shipping cartons. I just make sure to keep the items in a cool, dry location. The nuts come in a large plastic bag which is then placed in a double-walled corrugated carton by the vendor. I open the cartons from the top, use what I need and then twist the top of the bags closed and close the top flaps of the carton. I place another box on top of the open box to have some weight on the top flaps so mice or other critters do not get tempted to help themselves. I live in the country so do have various small critters that find their way into my house occasionally. It takes me several months, like up to almost a year to finish a 50 lb case of peanuts so this method does work for my long term nut storage.

Hope this helps.


Just want to clarify what your question is: Do you want some idea of what an average snack size is (although only you can decide how much you want at one time), or do you want to figure out the carb content of your snack bags?

When I first posted I was mainly worried about what size the portion should reasonably be. But If someone could explain how to figure out the Carb count, that would be more helpful I think.

You could buy these mini boxes of rasins. Those come out at 11g carb per box. The boxes can aid in measuring the quantity for each bag, until you get the hang of it and can eyeball it.

These cranberry boxes are larger and come out at 23 grams per box.

If you take a photo and post a pic of the bag your making, I bet we can ‘eyeball’ a good guess.

Thanks for taking the time ya’ll.

Ingredients of the bag are:
Dried Cranberries (50% less sugar)
Dry roasted peanuts (unsalted)
Cashews (unsalted)

Weigh or volume measure the carb-containing contents of your snack packs. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the carbs in nuts for a smallish serving, but everyone is different. You need to know the total carb value for the amount of raisins and dried cranberries you’re using. Mix everything up with the nuts and either (a) divide the total carbs by the number of bags you fill, or (b) divide the total weight (or volume) by the weight (or volume) of your serving, and derive the carbs from that.

method a) total 200 g carb divide by 20 bags = 10 g per bag
method b) total 10 cups mix divide by 1/2 cup servings = 200 g carb divide by 20 servings = 10 g per bag

If you’re going by volume rather than weight, I’d use a measuring cup rather than the markings on the bag. The markings won’t be too accurate, depending how packed in the contents are.

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Thanks for the information! This really helps. I know the OP was a goofy request, but I am only just getting my mind wrapped around this whole new lifestyle and sometimes I get lost in the details.

Hmmm, thats a large serving, but it looks like mostly nuts. Minimal fruit. I don’t even count nuts, but that is a lot of them…I’m going 1/4 C. of fruit there (max, looks like less).

I’m gonna say that this is 30 - 40 grams of sugar (I’m leaning towards 30g, so maybe 35g is a good medium guess). But, lets get a 2nd opinion or two.

Yes, I am planning on each bag to be 2 servings. But you are correct it is mostly nuts with the raisins and cranberries mixed in for sweetness.

My work schedule is insane and it is next to impossible to actually get a “regular” lunch. Most days once I get to the office I don’t leave for the next 12-14 hours.

It’s a larger bag than I used to eat at work, but I usually put in more cranberries and raisins. I used to dose for 30g…unless it was really rasin heavy or larger than usual, then 45g.

Thanks, CJ114. Good info on storage!