Man Receives 75 Year Medal

Bill Pittman has received the 75 year Joslin medal. Here is his story in a newspaper.

Really inspirational and simply amazing. That man has great attitude!

Wow! Thanks for sharing this Richard. It's a blessing to see someone reach 75 years with Diabetes. I bet there are more than 28. He will easily make it to his 80th year since he is young at heart...just like Richard. :)

Disposibles came out in the 50's?? Who knew? We must be really slow up here or at least where I grew up. I didn't get disposible needles until the early 70's and my first meter in 1987. Mind you, I couldn't afford the meter back then.

Anyways, thanks again Richard and we look forward to you celebrating your 75th medal soon too. :)

Terrie, years ago it was unusual for anyone to receive the 75 year medal. A ceremony was held at Joslin for each recipient. Bill Pittman received his in the mail. I was looking forward to a ceremony in 2020 when I get mine. Ha! Maybe there will be a ceremony when I get my 90 year medal. (Wishful thinking.) No 90 year medal exists yet, but I am sure there will be one in the future.