MARRIED 60 YEARS in a matter of two more days!

Everyday I seem to want to write about something I just did think of. Than I’m prevented by some urgent reason to do something else first. Being retired, I always thought that life would go on in a more leisury way. I was wrong to think that. It seems that Johanna and I are even more busy than before we retired. Of course the woman in the family never seems to retire at all. So many things for her to do in spite of me stepping in there to help her making the salade do all the dish washing! (Boy what an amazing mess two people can make for dinner time.)

It is THAT TIME folks! It is Saturday today and on coming Monday we be married for 60 years. Where did the time go, how come we did not notice the time flying by? Well it did in spite of us not noticing.
My wife Johanna is really a super-wife, standing by me all the way even sticking needles in my back part…
Therefore when I asked for recognision of that fact when I applied for the 50-year medal for diabetes , she got a special recognision from Joslin for being my absolute right hand. ( And yes, I’m right handed, she is left handed,
is that why we get along that well?) They did state that if the wife helps the husband (Or in reverse) with keeping the me on the right path, it will make a great difference in the health of me and I sure believe it. ( Also no girls on the side I suppose?)

Well I have said what I feel I should say, and stop before this becomes one of my books! I hope we can stay alive for two more days to celebrate our 60th. At my age of 81, nothing is quaranteed you know!


congrats! that’s an awesome accomplishment. i just hope to be alive 60 years from now lol!

Mr. Johnben,

Congratulations to you and your lovely bride! That is quite an accomplishment in today’s world.

Trisha - married 44.5 years total, divided up

Many congratulations to you both!

Congrads to both of you!

Congrats!!! One week from today I’ll hit the 6 year mark :o) Jeez, and I thought THAT was pretty good lol!

that is wonderful, congrats. I can’t wait till I reach that goal.

Happy anniversary & many more to come! Have a wonderful celebration of your life together.

Congratulations! I used to look at people who were married 60 years as old. I wonder why I don’t anymore! lol (We have another 6 months to go.)
Yes, Johnben, I do believe no girls on the side is conducive to 60 years.
My husband worked with a dozen or so nurses attending to his wants all day - and they all thought I was named Fluffy - because he would say how much Fluffy would like what they were doing for him and how Fluffy did this or that the day before and he wondered what Fluffy was doing while he was gone.
Of course Fluffy was our dog. He kept it going until he retired, and at the retirement party they met the wife who was not Fluffy.
So I’m sure a hilarious sense of humor keeps marriages going in a forward direction - and a willingness to go with the fun.
May you have another 60 wonderful years!

Thank you Johnben and Johanna for sharing your Incredible 60th Anniversary with us.
You are both Amazing!! Have a Wonderful, Loving and Fun Day in B.C. Congratulations!! :slight_smile:

A mile stone !! A Diamond Anniversary …Dutch way of kisses coming your way …you know : one cheek , other cheek , repeat first cheek :slight_smile:
Congratulations to you, Johanna , your family .and Angel Petronella .

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! What a blessing!

Wow! Congratulations – to both of you. What a beautiful, impressive milestone. You have both been well and truly blessed in this life.