Master Cleanse and the Alkaline Diet

Hello everybody and long time Type 2 friends!

I have embarked on a Vegan diet that has been helping me loose weight. No meat and no diary. It is working for me. I am going to the gym at least 3 times a week.

My buddy wants me to do the Alkaline water diet and possibly the Master Cleanse. I told him I am some what scared to do it since I am diabetic and fearing the lows or perhaps the highs it could cause.
He has lost alot of weight not to mention it is really cleansing out his intestines.

Has anybody done either of these fad diets? what was your results?


I have to be honest, the alkaline diet and cleanses are total bunk in my opinion. Our bodies have an exquisite regulation system to maintain a normal pH. Changing your diet won’t make a wit of difference to your body pH. And so called cleanses have no basis in reality. You body already has its own cleansing system and even the best medical science can’t do that job. If you lose your lover, you are a goner. And claims that your colon is “clean” seems unsubstantiated. I want pictures.

I hope I haven’t offended you, you need to make you own choices. I just think this stuff is pseudoscience and potentially unhealthy.


And I thought there were fifty ways to do this!

Seriously - totally agree with you. If you want to go Vegetarian or Vegan for ethical reasons, that’s absolutely fair, but fad diets are complete twaddle.


There is no basis in science for the “cleanse” theory, or at least none that has been reported in legitimate channels and independently confirmed. (A guy in Indonesia who calls himself “Doctor”, has a string of unfamiliar letters after his name and a photo that looks suspiciously anglo is not speaking in a legitimate channel.)

I have been within 3 ounces of chicken or fish for years of going vegan. I always run into my love of cheese.

As to so-called “cleanse”— I’m sorry, I just don’t believe in them. I want my body to handle anything I throw at it–which it does—And if it can’t, it tells me right away…

I did add probiotics finally a decade ago and do a Candida diet for 6 months after several nasty episodes of oral thrush…It worked…No problem in that area since…

I totally support your efforts, though, old friend. I just don’t have any good advice…Blessings as ever!..and many Hugs…

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They don’t have moustaches like that nowadays!


RFOL. I was trying to write “If you lose your liver, you are a goner.” Instead it came out as above. Evil smartphone. HAHHAHAH!


It’s a poor workman who blames his tools.

Hey, I never claimed to be a good workman. :sunglasses:

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Its a wise workman that credits his tools. Excellent tools in skilled hands produce excellent results, poor tools in skilled hands produce so so results.

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I still say it’s cruel and mean to blame the innocent smartphone. I may start a smartphone support group for the poor traumatized little things.

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it was something a friend brought to my attention. I have been trying to lose weight for so many years. I am willing to try anything.

Tight jeans are gone too…

Yes… but the looser fitting ones are still tighter these days.

I am still waiting for flares to make a comeback (and shiny loud-coloured polyester shirts and jackets with big lapels)

And very wide ties, in paisley.

My friend ( not diabetic) who is vegan is doing this… He just finished his 30 days and lost 15 lbs. I am thinking about doing a modified diet on the weekends to see how my body tolerates it. I will be using agave instead of the maple syrup. Thank you for the support!!!

No offense. I had my doubts about new age stuff too. At this point in life I know I need to think out of the box and try something…

The founder of the alkaline diet has been in court for practicing medicine without a license. He studied biology in University but did not graduate. Google Robert O Young.

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That is crazy!! My friend that has completed his diet is in great health. He follows the beliefs of Dr. Sebi who died (mysteriously in Honduras) last year. Dr. Sebi has an office in the Santa Monica area. Lots of celebrities follow Dr. Sebi and his teachings. He has made the same claims as curing cancer and diabetes. He was famously sued in NY but had the charges dropped when all his cured patients showed up to court to help defend him.

I am T1 for 50 years, vegan for 10 years and do great on LFPB( low fat plant based ) eating. I eat a ton of carbs and find easy to regulate BGs because its the FAT that makes us insulin resistant and hinder BG controil. Never done a cleanse. Bowels are superb on LFPB as it has loads of fiber. I enjoy eating lots of food and maintaining very trim body. Encourage all to try 21 day kickstart. Its free online and helps the transition. Know many who have lost weight on this program. And reduced insulin tremendously.

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