Mastisol vs Skin Tac as adhesive to enhance pod security

I have been using Mastisol to help the pod stick better for several years but it is so messy that I'm looking for something different. Does anyone have experience with Skin Tac compared to Mastisol? Does it work as well? Have you used both?

I've used mastisol some in the past, and agree that it's messy. I also had a slight reaction to it so I stopped using it after a short time. I have no troubles with the skin-tac wipes. I definitely recommend them!

SkinTac holds just as well and doesn’t smell nearly as bad. I would recommend the pads, because the bottle can get glued shut (happened a lot with me).

I have no experience with Mastisol, but I have had great success using Skin Tac wipes in South Florida (while dealing with the extra fun and body heat of hot flashes!) Just a little stickiness on the fingers which I use the alcohol wipe to clear up. Good luck.

The Skin-Tac wipes work well. I use them more as a barrier because my arms are extremely sensitive to the pods tape. I have used other wipes that are like barrier wipes and they all seem to work about the same but have never tried Mastisol.

I use two crisscross strips of Nexcare clear tape. It's easy & prevents me from ever having a pod accidently knocked or ripped off. The tape holds the pod closer to your skin & thus eliminates the weight of the pod from pulling on the pod adhesive.

Another rec for the SkinTac wipes. I usually get a few uses out of a single pad - just close the packet up tight after use. I open a new packet once it's dried out and unusable. :)

Our Diabetes Social Worker from our Endocrinologist's office recommended a tape called Hypafix. We use the 2-inch "dressing retention sheet" and have found that it works really well on our 7-year old son who is very active - sports, rough-housing, etc. It's not perfect of course - I don't think anything is, but overall we've been really happy with it.

We also use a thigh-sleeve called "bands4life" (our son wears his omnipod on his upper thigh). We should probably have him wear it more regularly actually.

Good idea! Do you use the tape over the pod or only along the tape?

I use ReliaMed® Protective Barrier Wipes
Protects skin from dressing tape and damage caused by frequent removal of wafers and other adhesives.
Non-irritating to intact skin; latex-free.

I use the tape over the pod. It's great for when the pod is pulling away from its adhesive.

I use the tape crisscrossed directly over the pod.